Probiotic care for you and your environment

HeiQ Synbio works with nature, using 100% natural synbiotic ingredients. Synbiotics are a unique, patented combination of pre- and probiotics that work immediately after application, go to work in every nook and cranny, and keep on going long after traditional products have given up.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are good bacteria that have a beneficial effect on human and animal health. They are natural organisms that can be found anywhere in nature as well as in and on our body. By using products enriched with HeiQ Synbio, the microbiomes of our environment and our bodies are strengthened with beneficial probiotics, supporting balanced, positive lifestyle.

What are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are beneficial short-chain sugars that serve as food for good bacteria, including the probiotics contained in HeiQ Synbio. These good sugars stimulate the development of a stable, diverse and above all balanced microbiome on our body and our immediate environment.


The HeiQ Synbio technology supports a balanced and stable microbiome on all surfaces. A good microbiome is of great importance to our well-being and helps to lower the risk of infections and allergies.

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    HeiQ Synbio Clean - Cleaning Spray

    Cleaning with synbiotics


    Our synbiotic technology powers a range of innovative probiotic cleaning products that give a much deeper, far longer lasting clean to all surfaces and keep on going long after traditional cleaning products have given up. Learn more…

    Cleaning products for professionals
    Cleaning products for consumers
    HeiQ Synbio Clean - Allergen Spray

    Personal care with synbiotics


    Designed in nature, perfected by science, synbiotic personal care products optimize the microbiome on the skin to create the perfect environment for renewing, rebalancing, and improving healthy skin appearance. Learn more…

    Personal care ingredients for professionals
    Personal care  products for consumers
    HeiQ Synbio Clean - Cleaning Spray

    Animal care with synbiotics


    Synbiotic products greatly support professional livestock owners with animal care and hygiene to keep animal housing and animals in optimal condition. Learn more…

    Production animal care for professionals
    Horse care products for professionals
    Pet care products for consumers
    HeiQ Synbio Clean - Allergen Spray

    Synbiotics for water treatment


    Synbiotics help industrial water facilities, such as cooling towers, open water and ponds deal with problems such as biofilm formation, algae, and odors.

    Industrial water treatment (cooling towers)
    Open water and ponds
    HeiQ Synbio Clean - Allergen Spray

    Synbiotics for textiles

    Developed as 100% bio-based textile technologies, synbiotics combined with a slow-release matrix are added to fabrics during the finishing stage, providing them with useful benefits such as allergen reduction or skin care. Learn more…

    HeiQ Allergen Tech, synbiotic protection for textiles
    HeiQ Skin Care, synbiotic textile balance


    HeiQ Synbio Clean - Cleaning Spray

    Car air conditioning with synbiotics


    To enjoy fresh air in our vehicles, we offer a water-based probiotic air conditioner cleaner that thoroughly prevents odor formation in cars for up to 6 months. Learn more…


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