Spotlight on our Partners

HeiQ is proud to be trusted by hundreds of brands and thousands of mills worldwide. We would like to highlight some of the thousands of success stories here.

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Mammut®, a top alpine and outdoor apparel brand, is renowned for uncompromised performance among high-altitude adventurers. The company faced the challenge of delivering effective, sustainable, and biobased odor control for active wear in extreme environments and harsh weather conditions. To meet this challenge, Mammut® turned to HeiQ, which provided a solution that met all requirements with HeiQ Fresh, a textile technology that keeps garments fresh for longer. It offers durable odor control that keeps customers’ clothing items free from body odor even in the most demanding situations.


CALIDA, the Swiss brand renowned for close to skin wear, is committed to quality that stays beautiful for years and comfort that consistently convinces. With its mission to make the best underwear, daywear, nightwear or loungewear, every CALIDA product is a promise for the future for every day, for every night, for big and small. CALIDA’S Spacer Lounge articles are powered by HeiQ Fresh odor control, ensuring sustainable and lasting freshness. For CALIDA, making the best underwear also means not producing it at the expense of future generations. Because sustainability should not be a fashion, but a promise.


Cornelia James have been British glovemakers to the world of fashion since 1946. We wanted to build more protection into our gloves in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we were delighted to partner with HeiQ to achieve this. The technology has no impact on the look and feel of our cotton and we believe we have been able to combine true style with function.

We currently have designed two gloves powered by HeiQ Viroblock – ‘Isla‘ and ‘Hera‘ in pure Swiss Cotton Jersey and we plan to expand our collection into Merino Wool in time for Autumn 2020.

Outdoor Research® is dedicated to inspiring the journey ahead with award-winning technical apparel and accessories. OR ActiveFresh™ powered by HeiQ Fresh and OR ActiveTemp™ powered by HeiQ Smart Temp help users stay comfortable when exploring outside.

Outdoor Research is committed to improving their customer’s experience through innovative materials, purpose-driven features and versatile products that are backed by their Infinite Guarantee®.

As a brand that is renowned to producing clothing that defends from biting insects or protects from the sun’s harmful rays, leading outdoor and travel clothing brand Craghoppers has a capsule range of jackets, scarves, face coverings and gloves for men and women, created in collaboration with HeiQ, which is enhanced by HeiQ Viroblock technology.

Molo is a certified organic Danish brand with a mission to create imaginative, responsible and innovative highest quality kidswear with colours, fun prints and bold combinations. Molo partnered with HeiQ for “Molo Sportswear”, a girl’s line for 4–16-year-olds, which is designed for both functionality and comfort while looking stylish and sporty. The selection is powered by HeiQ Smart Temp technology. The dynamic thermoregulating technology retains body heat at times of rest, and allows heat to escape when you are active.

Stoney Creek has been the leading and trusted name in New Zealand outdoor performance clothing and equipment for over 20 years. From those beginnings to today, Stoney Creek holds innovation at its core. They continue to test and create leading-edge fabric technology, designs and clothing that is unparalleled in the market. Their mission is to maximize consumer experience by providing purpose-built gear that is specifically designed for the intended application. Partnering with HeiQ for its HeiQ XReflex patented radiant barrier technology they have introduced two new technologically advanced and specially designed products – the Ignitor Jacket, and the Accelerant Jacket.

HeiQ partners with Speedo to create faster racing suits for swimming! In 2016 and 2019, Speedo launched Fastskin© suits treated with a drag reduction technology that, by modifying the surface of the fabric at a microscopic level, makes the water glide over  the fabric. Speedo’s Fastskin swimsuits are made with highly technical woven fabrics and construction that combines compression with freedom of movement to help swimmers cut through the water. The HeiQ drag reduction fabric technology was inspired by swordfish skin and is aimed at giving swimmers a distinct edge in the water.

Launched in 2017, Burton’s Living Lining incorporates HeiQ Smart Temp to ensure that you can regulate your body temperature throughout any activity.

The dynamic thermoregulating technology retains body heat at times of rest, and allows heat to escape when you are active.

Burton’s Living Lining incorporates HeiQ Smart Temp to maintain a comfortable temperature for your when you are hiking in the back country, on the chairlift, or at the après ski party.

Bluxe clothing combines ethical fashion, sustainability and style with the worlds most advanced virus resistant technology. In early 2019, Bluxe Global partnered with HeiQ to create a unique range of urban lounge and leisure wear powered by the award winning HeiQ Viroblock. The Bluxe Signatures Collection presents the dawn of a new generation of stylish personal protective lounge and leisure wear with bespoke pieces, and numbered sets, ideal for home and travel. Each garment is made of refined ecofriendly materials such as 100% organic cottons and powered by HeiQ Viroblock.

For over 25 years, BUFF® has premiered and innovated the headwear category. Today, BUFF® continues its heritage of quality and reliability of multifunctional headwear.

In Spring 2019, the company launched the new CoolNet UV+® with HeiQ Smart Temp’s activated cooling technology to keep the wearer cool and comfortable.

Dickies Temp-iQ™ Advanced Cooling Tees feature the intelligent thermoregulation technology HeiQ Smart Temp and will be Dickies’ key product release for the Spring 2018 season.

These Cooling Tees are built like classic work tees but perform like an athletic tee.

Our dynamic cooling technology HeiQ Smart Temp was successfully introduced across the Hanes men’s underwear and socks range as the X-Temp platform. X-Temp provides Hanes’ apparel products with dynamic cooling and moisture control features resulting in greater comfort. This technology has been developed to keep consumers cool and dry in response to their level of activity.

View Hanes X-Temp video: Hanes X-Temp & X-MEN

SECOND SKIN is specifically engineered high-performance training and compression gear, introduced by DICK’S SPORTING GOODS in FW2017.

Selected items are powered by HeiQ Smart Temp, designed for the toughest kinds of training. As athletes work harder, this dynamic fabric responds and delivers dynamic cooling and moisture management so they stay cool, dry and comfortable.

Clothing should enhance your life – it’s not just about looking better, but about feeling better. Thermoregulation technology helps keep you dry, cool and comfortable all day long. Royal Robbins’ TempraTech™ collection incorporates HeiQ Smart Temp to ensure you don’t have to change your clothes through the day just because the temperature changes.

Thanks to the dual thermoregulating technology, the wearer stays cool when it’s hot and retains heat when the temperature drops.

CEP made their Run Socks even better! The CEP Socks of the Generation 3.0 provide optimum performance and recovery, and are designed for those who expect more from their performance gear.

CEP Socks 3.0 feature an ideal temperature and moisture management thanks to the HeiQ Smart Temp technology.

2A-NYGUARD, Coats, HeiQ, SITIP and Wintex Vagotex, united to create JUST5, the world’s first fully functionalised garment with every components 100% powered by HeiQ Viroblock. Comprised of 2A-NYGUARD NYSHIELD self-sanitizing zippers, Coats ProtectV sewing thread adding antimicrobial effect to every stitch, SITIP warp-knitted super elastic fabric for the extendable cuffs and Windtex Vagotex breathable, water-repellent and wind-resistant fabric, the jacket is available now on the MyHeiQ webshop in Switzerland.

Mammut Sports Group AG, a Swiss multinational mountaineering and trekking company with a long tradition of quality products specifically designed for rough and tough outdoor activities have adopted HeiQ Viroblock technology for their masks and buffs. The MAMMUT Buff is a washable and reusable face mask produced in Europe from left-over fabrics. It incorporates the Swiss HeiQ Viroblock technology that makes the fabric resistant to microbes. Its drirelease® material makes the buff feel very pleasant to wear. Thanks to an ergonomic design and a choice of three sizes, the buff provides an optimum fit and excellent breathability.

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of staff uniforms, Premier Clothing recognizes how important it is for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to enhanced hygiene practices and to provide reassurance to their employees. With this in mind, Premier sought to produce the collection of styles that are treated with HeiQ Viroblock, so staff can work with confidence. Our PR994 3-layer face mask benefits from HeiQ Viroblock fabric protection to the inner layer and alongside a duo of long and short sleeve polo shirts, a bib apron and touch gloves, we feel that we have responded to the demands of the nation’s workforce.

HeiQ Pure empowers Mammut’s Alpine Underwear collection. Mammut is an icon of the pure, natural freshness of Swiss mountain living.

So when Mammut needed to add freshness functionality to its new line of alpine underwear, it was crucial that both the highest quality and true Swiss values were reflected in the solution.

uvex is a global partner to international sports as an outfitter of countless top athletes. Guided by its principle of protecting people both as a mission and a commitment, uvex develops, produces and sells products and services for the safety and protection of people in the professional, sports and leisure sectors. In order to successfully interrupt infection paths via smear or contact infections, the company has, in collaboration with HeiQ, developed the uvex phynomic silv-air, a HeiQ Viroblock powered protective glove for use in everyday life featuring Swiss technology and innovation “Made in Germany”.

Zoya, the leading moslem brand in Indonesia, launched an antiviral collection of face masks, gloves, voals, long bergos, tees, blouses and dresses, enhanced with HeiQ Viroblock. The HeiQ Viroblock antiviral products elevates the layer of protection and safety needed for daily activities while keeping Zoya’s products fashionable and stylish.

Serta Simmons Bedding partners with HeiQ to pioneer the first antiviral mattress in the USA.

The collaboration aims to provide HeiQ Viroblock treated mattresses several of the world’s largest hotel brands to support to bolster their cleanliness and safety initiatives amid COVID-19 pandemic.

The Biemmereti Company produces bed frames, mattresses, and pillows since 1985 and is committed to technology, innovation, and quality. This commitment led to a partnership with HeiQ to use the revolutionary technology HeiQ Smart Temp for the mattress fabrics of Sogno Veneto®️, the most important of the Biemmereti trademarks. This brand embodies the values of its homeland, Venice, which are determination, appreciation of their origins, and willingness to improve. Biemmereti comprises people who create products that improve others’ sleep.

Magniflex Japan, importer of one of the world’s largest mattress manufacturers, has entered a partnership with HeiQ and is producing antimicrobial bedding powered by HeiQ Viroblock. For more than 27 years, Magniflex has prioritized ecology and sanitation as exemplified by our ‘vacuum rolled’ mattress packaging. Magniflex Japan resolutely pursues efforts towards a sustainable society and is at the forefront of leading companies that embrace the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG).

An established bedding brand in Southeast Asia for over 52 years, AKEMI creates premium-grade textile products. Constantly engaged in R&D to better address wellness through latest technologies, AKEMI has recently introduced an innovative and protective bedding line in collaboration with HeiQ – The AKEMI HeiQ Viroblock includes a complete line up ranging from bed linen, pillows, quilts, pillow protectors to mattress protectors.

NotAnotherMask powered by HeiQ Viroblock is the brainchild of Textile Division, a Romanian design & print company that creates high quality textile products for designers, architects and consumers, apparel, home accessories and advertising systems. NotAnotherMasks are custom made masks to provide customers what they wanted: masks that really provide protection, beyond a good design.  The company has manufactured and marketed millions of extraordinary beautifully colored masks with a high degree of protection, based on smart textiles successfully treated with HeiQ Viroblock, which have successfully passed all quality assurance tests in Europe and the USA.

Zero Risque, a sub-brand of Kamadgiri Fashion Ltd., has been driving for constant innovation and providing a creative blend of technology, utility and fashion since 1987.  Joining the campaign against the global pandemic with need of the hour products, Zero Risque collaborated with HeiQ and launched a unique patented design face mask powered by HeiQ Viroblock, that gives a premium feel with amazing features and specifications.


Feld Textil Gmbh, a well established German manufacturer of customizable textile fashion accessories, has partnered with HeiQ to produce the HeiQ Viroblock powered GRIMASKE®, a “Made in Germany” CE medical mask with EN 14683, ISO 10993, ISO 6330 and ISO 20743 certification. The three-layered GRIMASKE® is designed for comfort, has an integrated washable filter, is water repellent and with HeiQ Viroblock technology it provides its wearer and counterpart with the highest level of antiviral/antimicrobial protection. GRIMASKE® is also ecologically sound, washable and reusable.

Hispano Tex of Spain, producer of high-quality technical textiles using natural and recycled fibers since 1956, has a long-standing, fruitful collaboration with HeiQ, based on a mutual passion for innovation. The latest result is Hispano Tex´s collection of UNE 0065:2020 and European CWA 17553:2020 compliant masks that provide antiviral and bacterial protection using HeiQ Viroblock technology. In addition, Hispano Tex has incorporated HeiQ Viroblock technology into tablecloths and table dividers, facilitating more human interaction with maximum protection.


ITOCHU TEXTILE (CHINA) CO., LTD, a subsidiary of the ITOCHU Corporation in Japan, and HeiQ jointly developed HeiQ Viroblock washable four-layer masks. These masks surpass the standard BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) test by over 95% and demonstrate high-efficiency UV-protection, breathability and moisture permeability properties. Economical, ecological, comfortable and effective protection in one mask!


The activewear brand prAna recently enhanced its Performance Collection with the long-lasting odor control technology HeiQ Fresh to durably and efficiently eliminate bad smells from textiles and assure the wearer day-long freshness just like coming out from the shower.

AAPE+ by *A BATHING APE® is the new sports fashion line introduced in Spring 2018.

Not less stylish and comfortable than any other product of the brand, these fashionistas’ sports gear feature a set of performance technologies, including HeiQ Fresh in the base-layer and HeiQ Eco Dry on the outer wear.

The innovation by KJUS and HeiQ strives for passion and excitement. KJUS FRX fabrics entail innovative technologies by HeiQ that enable high performance to reach further and higher.

KJUS with HeiQ Fresh and HeiQ Smart Temp

Hockey Club Ambrì-Piotta (HCAP) is a Swiss professional ice hockey club and a member of the National League (NL). HCAP, famous for its fighting spirit, has more than 40 fan clubs all over Europe.

To show our support not just of the sports industry but of the safety of the public, HeiQ produced specially designed protective face masks, powered by HeiQ Viroblock technology, for HCAP and its fans, providing fans the opportunity to enjoy their favorite games safely and comfortably.

1TcA are three mums whose initial response to Covid-19 was to support the vulnerable communities in the UK with food.  Within 3 months the three women decided to make a bigger difference and address the issue of disposable masks impact on the planet. They set about to find a solution to enable them to help protect the people whilst protecting the environment. 1TcAs ethos is to donate all net profits to communities in need.

1TcA launched a mask and snood manufactured from GRS yarn and fully re-cyclable, powered by HeiQ Viroblock. A second range made from sustainable cotton will follow.

SKINS main compression sportswear range A400 is empowered by HeiQ Smart Temp controlling temperature like a second skin.

Based on HeiQ initiated testing, conducted at RMIT University, SKINS claims that wearing SKINS treated with HeiQ Smart Temp can keep you cooler than not wearing anything at all.

Textile Division is a Romanian design and print company that creates high quality textile products for designers, architects and consumers, apparel, home accessories and advertising systems. Passionate about innovation, the company is constantly on the lookout for technology that supports their high standards. With their offer of smart textiles to their customers, Textile Division is pleased to have HeiQ as a reliable partner. By adopting HeiQ Viroblock for their textiles, they are now in a position to provide safety to their customers whose trust and satisfaction guarantees a sustainable partnership for the future.

Established in 1977, Ruentex focuses on textile innovation and partners with fashion brands and outdoor brands all over the world. In October 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ruentex successfully launched face masks and flight blankets with flame retardant powered by HeiQ Viroblock. By cooperating with HeiQ, Ruentex aims to offer textile products with the best performance on protecting customers during travel and daily activities.

All the products of the Ruentex & HeiQ Viroblock series pass the ISO-18184 H3N2 Anti-Virus test at Japan BOKEN laboratory with excellent test results.

Shinkong Textile has partnered with HeiQ to provide fabrics with antibacterial and antiviral properties powered by HeiQ Viroblock. This partnership led to the medical gowns and scrubs recently showcased by Shinkong Hospital at the 2020 Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan, an international healthcare technology trade show. As an ongoing commitment, Shinkong Textile also works with HeiQ in creating a variety of fabrics with antimicrobial & odor control treatments (HeiQ Pure and HeiQ Fresh) to ensure consumers’ overall comfort and well-being.

Chengdu Hope Siyue Textile Technology Co., Ltd, China, is a textile technology company and one of the first batch of domestic enterprises engaged in R&D and innovative textile products. In 2020, their brand Soft Talk developed and launched a multi-functional silk mask scarf powered by HeiQ Viroblock technology, world leading antiviral and antimicrobial protection on textiles. Designed as a beauty and fashion accessory with the added value of protection, the 100% mulberry silk scarves are skin friendly with built-in sun-block and can be fashionably worn as scarves, masks and headbands.

Swiss Bio Group is devoted to delivering the highest level of excellence in PPE for doctors, nurses, and all frontline workers. With years of experience in the healthcare industry and products manufactured in Switzerland and Germany, Swiss Bio Group delivers safer and more effective solutions. An official HeiQ partner, Swiss Bio Group manufactures and distributes Vira-X Hygenizer, powered by HeiQ Viroblock, the fast, easy and effective antiviral/antimicrobial solution. Available in various sizes, Vira-X can be used for clothing, home textiles and accessories such as face masks and gloves to make them extra resistant. It is also available for floor protection.

Berger Paints India Ltd. is among the largest 15 paint companies in the world and has always been a first mover in establishing a number of trendsetting innovations. They have partnered with HeiQ to produce a unique luxury interior emulsion, Silk Breathe Easy powered by HeiQ Viroblock, underlining its multifaceted characteristics with this premiere of providing antiviral properties to paint. The creation of this revolutionary new paint that protects surfaces from viruses, highlights the qualities of innovation, agility and sustainability that exemplify both HeiQ and Berger Paints and underline the pioneering spirit that characterizes this partnership.

Founded in 1961, Jannelli & Volpi is an international leader in the production and distribution of wall coverings and wallpapers with a 100% Made in Italy product of the highest standards of style and quality. Its brands are JV Italian Design, JWall, Sirpi, Co.De Contemporary Design, JV License. It is the exclusive licensee of ArmaniCasa Wallcoverings, MissoniHome and Marimekko wallcoverings. The company has always paid attention to the link between industry and environment and continues in its process of sustainability and expansion of circular economy systems. Their JWall Tatami is the first collection to use the HeiQ Viroblock, world leading antimicrobial technology.

Geoff Neal Group is a London-based design, print and packaging business, delivering projects for both UK and Global markets since 1976. The company has pioneered adding HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 technology into the printing process and have agreed on an exclusive partnership with HeiQ for the world’s first SARS-CoV-2 proven rapid anti-viral and anti-bacterial commercial print facility for use on multi-touch print in social, corporate and public environments on education, publishing, POS and packaging materials.

Argar is one of the main European manufacturers of certified fabrics earmarked for the production of Personal Protective Clothing. Argar’s AVirTex fabrics, treated with HeiQ Viroblock, can find effective applications in the manufacturing of work protective wear (PPE), medical,sportswear,fashion, automotive, furniture and other application fields such as hospital staff, extended care unit (ECU), general practitioners, dentists, physiotherapists, aircraft and cruise ship staff, hotel and restaurant workers, and school aprons.

Bonds has been helping Aussies be at their comfiest best for over 100 years. From blokes to babes, newborns to new parents, youngsters to the young at heart, Bonds is a brand that makes you feel good from the inside out.

Bonds believes in the game-changing power of comfort. But their latest reusable face mask is not just comfy: the outer layer has been treated with HeiQ Viroblock to increase barrier protection, and the inner layer is treated with X-Temp for adaptive cooling (HeiQ Smart Temp).

ViroMasks is helping mankind live happier and healthier lives. Using HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 our face masks are washable, re-usable and anti-viral. With the filtration part in the middle; we provide 98.5% filtration at 0.3 micron level; same as N95/FFP2/KN95 masks.

ViroMasks is probably the world’s safest mask for daily use. The unique design ensures one way air movement to reduce carbon dioxide and heat buildup while providing superior protection. ViroMasks are reusable; helping the world fight endemic pollution in our environment.

REDFLAG develops life-style products, using 3D knitting which makes it possible to manufacture products not only ensuring maximum ergonomics and comfort, but also guaranteeing sustainable production. While the COVID-19 pandemic has established itself into our daily lives, REDFLAG has decided to redirect the technical development of its products to the creation and production of a protective mask for the population, combining maximum protection and assertive design. The mask is made up of 2 elements: a mask and a filter (treated with the active HeiQ Viroblock solution), both washable and reusable.

M4 Medical is an Australian company partnering with HeiQ in supplying the M4 HeiQ Viroblock reusable face masks. The masks provide a triple layer of protection for the user, with comfy and breathable 100%polyester. The outer protection and inner comfort layers are treated with HeiQ Viroblock, with a double middle layer filter providing additional protection. It’s the perfect combination of comfort a safety. M4 Medical distributes the masks across Australasia.

Problock Plus+, is the sum of CAMTECH technology from the Peruvian company Textiles Camones. They developed triple protection fabrics and masks, antiviral, antimicrobial and anti-fluid, enhancing the fabric with HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03  during the final stage of the textile manufacturing process. These fabrics and masks are odor controlled, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and friendly to the environment. Textiles Camones continues as a front-runner of the textile industry, reaffirming its interest in people’s well-being and health.

Coats applies innovative techniques to develop high technology Performance Materials threads, yarns and fabrics in areas such as Transportation, Telecommunications and Energy, and Personal Protection.

Coats ProtectV incorporates HeiQ Viroblock Technology into a wide range of sewing threads and engineered yarns, adding anti-microbial and anti-viral properties to every stitch. The strategic partnership gives Coats a global exclusivity to HeiQ Viroblock technology in threads and yarns for sewing and stitching.

2A-NYGUARD is the heir company of TAURUS ZIPPERS, the first company in Europe to produce zippers in the 1930s. The headquarters and main production plants are located in Italy. Zippers are an often-touched part of garments and thus a high cross-contamination risk. This is why 2A decided to enhance their product with HeiQ Viroblock and develop NYSHIELD, the world’s first anti-microbial zipper. Every single element of the NYSHIELD zipper has been successfully tested at the HeiQ laboratories.

Meryl® hi-tech fabrics, developed by Nylstar, renowned for their exceptional touch, high performance and total sustainability and recyclability, enhanced with HeiQ Viroblock Permanent technology, offers long-lasting antiviral and antibacterial properties since the silver-ion particles are added during the extrusion process of the yarn. Meryl® Skinlife Force HeiQ Viroblock Permanent is the perfect fabric to be used in environments with high hygienic and sanitary requirements like medical facilities, hotels and restaurants.

Double layer Protective mask, anti-droplet, washable, treated with HeiQ Viroblock (antibacterial & antiviral). WarpMask is patented and fully engineered by Cifra knitting technology. It is certified as CE Medical Device in compliance with CEE 93/42 directive (ISO 10993).

Filtering, protective and reusable mask indicated to reduce the spread of infectious agents. This mask is intended for daily civil and personal use. All components and materials of Cifra’s products meet Oeko-Tex standard 100 class II quality parameters.

Anybrand HeiQ Viroblock Mask

Incorporating HeiQ Viroblock technology, AnyBrand face coverings can be customised to any design, in any combination of colours, for volume production only.

AnyBrand’s HeiQ Viroblock treated face coverings are an affordable and effective solution for businesses to get back up and running in a post Covid-19 market.

Made from 100% recycled polyester, washable up to 30 times and recyclable again – all of which is gentle on the skin and the environment.

Flex® wants to help everyone achieve a safe environment during sleep – with their new Special Edition Flex® Salus with HeiQ Viroblock.

This collection includes mattresses, of different technologies, 2 types of pillows, pillowcase, duvet and mattress protector, all of them with the HeiQ Viroblock technology.

India’s leading home furnishing brand, D’Decor has now launched ViroGuard by D’Decor, a range of antiviral fabrics powered by HeiQ Viroblock.

To combat growing concern of indoor air hygiene, D’Decor partnered with HeiQ to launch AeroFresh by D’Decor powered by HeiQ Fresh, a breakthrough air purifying textile technology on custom-made curtains to help users improve indoor air quality.

With these two path breaking products, D’Decor is on the journey to help its customers live safe and live beautiful.

Known since 1924, OCM has excelled in manufacturing tweeds and worsted suiting. The factory is based in Amritsar, Punjab, India. Amritsar is a holy city of the Golden Temple, and is considered as one of the most suitable places for getting a finesse in fabric ‘feel’ because of the superior water quality in the city.

Powered by HeiQ Viroblock and NEO TECH® special techniques, the brand aims to provide a truly healthy and hygienic product to the consumers.

Since 40 years, Donear Industries has been a household name in yarn dyed shirting and dope-dyed suiting in 4-way stretch and rigid fabric. While they have a big presence in India, they are one of the major overseas exporters as well.

Product innovation and very high service levels have been the key drivers for Donear’s growth.

Powered by NEO TECH® and HeiQ Viroblock Vesicle and Silver Technology, the brand is set to usher in a new era for fabrics which are coronavirus resistant.

Tevero is dedicated to the confluence of fashion & science with a focus on applying the world’s cutting edge technologies to create intelligent textiles.

Tevero’s Virus Shield® – SW product, powered by the revolutionary HeiQ Viroblock technology, is used to create safe, non-toxic and effective masks that provide a layer of protection against the ongoing pandemic.

GRADO is the coming together of erstwhile brand GRASIM Suiting (now GBTL India) and OCM in order to provide worsted and dope dyed PV/TR under the same brand umbrella with fully integrated manufacturing units at OCM and GBTL Ltd.

GBTL INDIA, renowned for its superior quality and timely delivery, is a leading exporter world over, especially with a well-establish footprint in Europe and U.S.A. markets.

GRADO has collaborated with NEO TECH® and HeiQ Viroblock to leverage their revolutionary anti-viral silver and vesicle technologies.

NEO TECH® is a symbol of innovation incepted by the Donear Group under its R&D wing having developed fabrics with 4-way stretch, wrinkle resistance, temperature control, fine fiber dyed TR, consistent color match and anti-microbial amongst others.

The NEO TECH® tag has been licensed and used by various notable brands especially for these performance properties.

NEO TECH® fabrics powered by HeiQ Viroblock will offer consumers a new product which keeps them protected from the coronavirus (229E).

Bekaert Deslee and HeiQ developed the next generation innovation in bedding textiles and won the Interzum 2013 Award for intelligent material and design. Bekaert Deslee applied HeiQ Smart Temp (former Adaptive) technology to bedding textiles realizing a breakthrough in keeping the consumer comfortably cool and dry throughout the night.

View Bekaert Deslee video: Bekaert Textiles Success Story

From innovation in fiber to sustainability in fashion, Arvind has been revolutionizing the fashion industry and powering high-fashion brands across the world with continuous innovative offerings.

Arvind has led the battle against COVID-19 by manufacturing PPE suits and masks using its rich technical textiles knowledge, and now the company is happy to bring this breakthrough innovation of antiviral fabrics powered by HeiQ Viroblock, under the INTELLIFABRIX brand, to the Indian market.

In the hot and humid tropical climate, activated cooling function by HeiQ Smart Temp seems the most relevant for ensuring wearer comfort and performance.

Thai sportswear brand “EGO PRIME” launched in 2018 with Hidrosmart Technology, featuring HeiQ Smart Temp to give the wearer perfect balance, perfect performance in every movement.

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