Clear up your pond water with synbiotics

Balance your pond’s microbiome with probiotics, for clear water and happy fish

Organic dirt and algae muddy up the water and are a threat to your pond’s beauty and the well-being of your fish. We offer you a sustainable and effective water treatment solution: Synbiotics 

  • “Synbiotics” are a combination of good bacteria (probiotics), supplemented with good sugars (prebiotics)  
  • 100% natural product, biodegradable components, ph neutral  
  • Stimulates nitrogen bacteria 
  • Purifies pumps and filters
  • Removes organic dirt (biofilm) and improves water clarity 
  • No biocides used 
  • Lowers odor formation 
  • Lowers cost and use of biocide 
  • Increases sustainability of the water system  
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What is the problem? 

Ponds tend to suffer from excessive dirt and biofilm that cause murky water, clogged filters, and odor problems. Ponds harboring expensive fish like koi are often equipped with professional technical installations (filters, water treatment) that try to clear and sterilize the water, disturbing the natural microflora and enabling bad germs to cause bacterial infections in the fish. 

What is our solution? 

HeiQ Synbio for pond water! Our 100% natural synbiotic product acts as high-performance bio-dispersants with bio-based surface-active agents, increasing the sustainability of water systems, clearing up pond water and promoting a balanced microflora. Our synbiotics remove and prevent the formation of organic pollution, clearing up pumps and filters and lowering the need and cost for biocides. 

Before and after 

After 2 weeks of synbiotic application, the results speak for themselves: 


How to use PIP Pond Start and PIP Pond Plus to prepare your pond for the new season!


Pond volume

< 12m³ = 100 ml per day

12-24m³ = 200 ml per day

24–36 m³ = 300 ml per day

36–50m³ = 400 ml per day

During 10 days a daily dose of the product is to be added to the pond as indicated in the table. After the 10 days, you can maintain your pond with the PIP POND PLUS.


Pond volume

< 12m³ = 100 ml per week

12-24m³ = 200 ml per week

24 – 36 m³ = 300 ml per week

36 – 50m³ = 400 ml per week

For larger ponds above 100  m³, the PIP Pond Pro should be used. For info about dosage, please contact us.


Do not combine biocide or disinfecting products with probiotic products 


  • All probiotic bacterial strains are naturally occurring soil microorganisms that have NOT been manufactured with genetically modified organisms (changed by recombinant DNA techniques)  
  • The components of probiotics are readily biodegradable, and their degradation products are considered safe for fauna and flora 
  • All probiotics are food-grade 
  • All probiotics used belong to Biosafety Level (BSL) 1 and are not considered pathogenic 



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