Surface Coatings & Polymers

We offer highly innovative and functional coatings and additives for use in plastics and surface applications. They provide built-in product protection as well as transparent conductivity that revolutionizes industrial plastics and coatings applications. 

Antimicrobial surface coatings

Innovative and highly functional smart formulations for surface protection used in many industries.

Antimicrobial additives for plastics

Built-in durable product protection with HeiQ’s antimicrobial additives for plastics.

HeiQ antimicrobial extruded fibers

Extruded antimicrobial fibers

Antimicrobial additives for durable odor control of melt extruded fibers.

HeiQ antimicrobial flooring solutions

Antimicrobial flooring solutions

Wide range of antimicrobial solutions compatible with fibers, coatings and ceramic glazes.

HeiQ antimicrobial flooring solutions

HeiQ Tarn-Pure regulation-compliant silver & copper

Authorized to serve both the EU and GB markets with BPR-compliant silver and copper.