HeiQ Fresh Air

Bright Air Purification

Clean and pure indoor air

  • Durable freshness & air purification
  • Cleansing indoor air pollution
  • Helps to reduce invisible indoor air pollutants
  • Mineral-based photocatalyst helps by breaking down harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound) using sunlight
  • Breakthrough combination of two synergistic technologies
  • Delivers outstanding product performance
  • Prolonged wash durability
  • Designed for most synthetic substrates
  • Home textiles such as upholstery, curtains, blinds, rugs
  • Meets most brand RSL requirements


HeiQ Fresh Air is… 

…an air purification system based on a mineral-based photocatalyst finish that captures indoor air pollutants that are emitted from common household products such as surfactants and cleaners. 

It capitalizes on the natural power of sunlight to drive decomposition. Treated textiles become surfaces that help improve indoor air quality. 





Innovative air purification at work

HeiQ Fresh Air is a mineral-based photocatalyst air purification textile system which is based on 2 functional microparticles (non-nano): 

  • Function 1:
    Immobilization of harmful indoor air pollutants such as VOCs in the air  
  • Function 2:
    Decomposition of VOCs through reaction with daylight sources (sunlight), by photocatalytic degradation 

Performance data proving air purification 

The acetaldehyde (VOC) reduction results confirm a strong product performance in presence of light. 

When the UV light (imitating the sunlight) is switched on, the concentration of acetaldehyde is up to 40% lower compared to when the light is turned off. 

This test has been executed according to the ISO 22197-2 test method. 

The HeiQ Fresh Air textile treatment system consists of following components: 

HeiQ Fresh AIR 

Photocatalyst that interacts with natural light and breaks down common indoor air pollutant VOCs 

HeiQ Fresh HAX 

Adsorber that immobilizes the VOCs so that the catalyst can break them down more efficiently 

HeiQ Fresh AID 

For protect the fibers from photocatalytic activities 

HeiQ Maintain SCLA 

For prolonged wash durability 

Powerful air purification technology

HeiQ Fresh Air leverages the potent power of all-natural, freely available sunlight to help to combat indoor air pollution.

  • Mineral-based photocatalyst that leverages the natural power of sunlight
  • Prolonged wash durability
  • Textile fibers are protected from the degradation of sunlight, extending the lifetime of the product