HeiQ GrapheneX

Porous graphene technology

Innovative Technology:

  • Proprietary technology platform to directly synthesize porous graphene materials via a highly scalable and cost-effective process based on Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).
  • Retains the uniquely distinctive properties of graphene as an atomically thin, high-strength and highly conductive material and further complements them by introducing pores.
  • Innovative porous graphene materials and membranes having enhanced properties compared to conventional polymer membranes that can provide enhanced performance and value-added impact across a wide range of applications.

What is graphene?

Graphene is the basic building block of graphitic materials, and consists of a two-dimensional single-atomic layer of carbone atoms in a hexagonal structure. This unique structure makes graphene:

  • Very strong 200 times stronger than steel by weight
  • Atomically thin
  • Flexible & stretchable
  • Chemically resistant
  • Highly conductive
  • Impermeable

Graphene’s extraordinary properties enable its use in various applications, such as electronics membranes, and energy technologies.


The HeiQ GrapheneX porous graphene materials have unique properties that offer performance benefits to a wide range of membrane applications including:

Waterproof breathable textiles




Water filtration

Medical applications


  • There is an exponential global growth in demand for batteries reflecting the growing demand for electrification of mobility and the generation of renewable energy in the face of climate change.  
  • Conventional lithium-ion batteries are fast approaching their capacity limits.
  • Next-generation battery technologies are emerging to meet both the growing demand for electric energy and the demanding performance requirements of an expanding array of segments, including advanced air mobility applications in both passenger and unmanned aerial vehicle segments.
  • Next-generation lithium metal batteries promise higher energy densities, faster charging rates, reduced volumes and weights compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries.
  • HeiQ GrapheneX electrodes based on porous graphene materials can help to significantly improve the stability and robustness of next-generation lithium-metal batteries.


  • Numerous electronic devices depend on membrane components to protect components from the outside environment, while enabling exchange of air for sound transmission and/or pressure equalization.
  • Conventional vent membranes provide a moderate level of protection to electronic devices and only limited benefits in real-life usage conditions, such as exposure to diverse liquids and dynamic water immersions.
  • There is a need for a new generation of vent membranes capable of withstanding harsh, real-world liquid exposure conditions without compromising on the performance targets of the overall device.
  • HeiQ GrapheneX electronics vents based on porous graphene materials can provide superior performance and benefits to electronic devices compared to conventional vents, e.g. dramatic increases in water immersion depths and improving airflows.
  • HeiQ anticipates growing demand for superior membrane components that would enable high differentiation for robustness and reliability in service for rugged and professional electronic applications (e.g. military, emergency services and industrial fields)


Collaboration opportunities

HeiQ welcomes collaboration opportunities with leading industrial partners, particularly those that would be well placed to benefit from such innovative HeiQ GrapheneX materials based on porous graphene. Contact us!


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