Transparent conductive coating

Invest in the future of sustainable and efficient building insulation and beyond

HeiQ Xpectra represents a revolutionary step in thermal insulation technology. Designed as a cutting-edge ingredient brand, it offers unparalleled benefits to the building industry.

Our mission is to provide superior insulation properties, contributing to a reduced energy consumption that meets the stringent requirements of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and helps make EU buildings climate-neutral by 2050.  

Ideal for various applications, including wall coatings, transparent heating, signature management, and printed electronics, HeiQ Xpectra is set to transform multiple industries. 

The innovative technology behind HeiQ Xpectra

HeiQ Xpectra leverages a patented technology based on ultra-thin, micrometer-length wires of precious metal. These wires form a durable network within the coating, providing permanent heat-reflective properties that enhance the thermal insulation performance of walls. This advanced technology ensures long-term efficacy and reliability.

Key benefits of HeiQ Xpectra

Superior retrofit insulation

A single coat of HeiQ Xpectra on walls offers the same insulation impact as 4 cm of traditional polystyrene insulation, ensuring maximum energy efficiency with minimal space usage.

Perfectly answering EU regulations

HeiQ Xpectra not only meets but exceeds the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. By simplifying the renovation and retrofit process and reducing costs, it makes achieving energy efficiency standards easier and more affordable, substantially lowering renovation costs compared to traditional wall insulation.

Versatile applications

Beyond building insulation, HeiQ Xpectra can be used for transparent heating on windows and glass, signature management, and printed electronics. This versatility opens new markets and opportunities for growth.

A compelling investment opportunity

HeiQ Xpectra offers a groundbreaking approach to building insulation that meets stringent EU energy regulations. With a vast and growing market driven by the need for energy-efficient renovations and retrofits, HeiQ Xpectra presents an exceptional investment opportunity. The technology’s cost-effectiveness, ease of application, and broad applicability across different industries ensure a strong return on investment.

Market potential

With over 220 million buildings in Europe requiring energy-efficient renovations and retrofits by 2030, HeiQ Xpectra addresses a crucial market need. Its quick application process and significant cost savings over traditional methods make it a preferred choice for property owners and construction companies.

Scalability and innovation

HeiQ Xpectra’s versatility extends beyond building insulation to other applications such as transparent heating for windows, signature management, and printed electronics. This adaptability enhances its market potential, ensuring sustained growth and innovation.

Join us in revolutionizing energy efficiency

Invest in HeiQ Xpectra and become part of a transformative journey towards sustainable and energy-efficient building solutions.

With its innovative technology, broad applicability, and significant market potential, HeiQ Xpectra stands out as a premier investment opportunity in the evolving landscape of energy-efficient solutions. 

Broad application range

  • Transparent low-E coating for building insulation
    – Greenhouses
    – Buildings
    – Transparent films
  • Signature management for thermal camouflage
    – Infrared shielding
    – Radar shielding
    – EMI
  • Printed electronics
    – Transparent electrodes
    – Organic photovoltaics
    – Electroluminescence
  • Transparent heating
    – Active window heating & de-icing
    – Back wind screen
    – Headlights


Available in research quantities (from 50 g), development quantities (from 500 g) and production quantities (from 5 kg).

  • Transparent (up to 98% light transmission)
  • Applicable through roll-to-roll printing, tampon or screen printing
  • Usable on flexible substrates
  • Thermoformable without loss in conductivity
  • Antistatic protection
  • Highly reflective of IR and Radar frequencies
  • Type: Dispersion
  • Conc./%: 4,0±0,1
  • pH: 4-7
  • Aspect ratio: ca. 1,000
  • Particle size: D90=30-50vm
  • Color: Silver grey