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HeiQ regularly hosts webinars and panel discussions about material and textile innovation topics. Keep an eye on this page to stay up to date!

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WEBINAR on April 18, 2024

Webinar about HeiQ Mint, a plant based odor control technology for textiles

HeiQ Mint provides effective and lasting freshness for clothing and home textiles.

Join us for a webinar that will tackle odors in textiles in a different way! In this free webinar, you will explore the HeiQ Mint mode of action and how the performance is tested. The fact that this textile technology is about 70% biobased will also be addressed, underlining why this feature makes all the difference when compared to other odor control solutions.  

Discover the power of HeiQ Mint technology with industry experts:

  • Giulia Todisco, Brand Manager Homewear & Leisurewear at Triumph
  • Philip Ghekiere, VP Strategic Marketing & Sustainability Officer at HeiQ

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WEBINAR on February 22, 2024

Join us for a thought-provoking webinar hosted by the Firefighter Cancer Innovation Network, where we address critical challenges facing firefighters worldwide. As emergency personnel grapple with heightened cancer risks due to hazardous exposures, our network endeavors to reshape occupational health and safety standards.

Led by our expert speakers Dr. Oliver Zech, CEO of HeiQ RAS, and Kristina Spielmann, Innovation Network Manager at HeiQ RAS, alongside Raimund Bolg, a publicly certified Textile Cleaning Expert, and Berthold Birnthaler, Director of Birnthaler Chemisch Technische Produkte, our webinar delves into innovative decontamination technologies and advancements in protective gear.

Join us to access collaboration opportunitiesshared expertise, and funding procurement through HeiQ RAS.

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Synbiotic cosmetic finish for textiles – Introducing HeiQ Skin Care

WEBINAR on February 6, 2024

Register for our webinar and discover the magic behind our recently launched cosmetic textile finishing technology HeiQ Skin Care. This long-lasting and biobased proprietary technology harnesses the power of active probiotics and selected prebiotics to enhance the skin microbiome. HeiQ Skin Care is suitable for all textile fibers, both natural and synthetic, and can be applied to all textile items that come in direct contact with the skin.

Our two speakers are specialists in the textile and microbiology fields and will be happy to answer your questions during the Q&A part of our webinar: Dr. Robin Temmerman, CEO of HeiQ Chrisal & PhD in microbiology, and Philip Ghekiere, Sustainability Officer at HeiQ.

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