HeiQ Allergen Tech

Synbiotic Protection

Active protection


HeiQ Allergen Tech is a 100% biobased, proprietary technology which reduces the exposure to allergens such as house dust mite matter and pet allergens with the help of active probiotics.

(*Inanimate allergens such as house dust mite matter & pet allergens)

Outstanding qualities 
  • Exceptional allergen reduction on the textile surface
  • Patent-pending technology
  • For global application
  • 100% biobased product (the probiotics AND the matrix)
  • Durable performance beyond 20 home launderings
Added value 
  • Assessed and certified by Allergy UK
  • Non-irritant to the skin
  • No impact on fabric properties such as breathability, color, hand feel or wicking
Wide-ranging applications 
  • For home textiles such as mattresses, bed linen, etc. but also carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture
  • Applicable to all fiber types
  • OEKO-TEX suited
  • Meets most brand RSL requirements
A woman enjoying her bed sheets enhanced with HeiQ Allergen Tech, an allergen protection textile technology.


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Innovative allergen control at work

1. Probiotic Colonization:

Synbiotics (= probiotics + prebiotic ‘lunchbox‘) in natural matrix applied to the textile

An illustration of the natural matrix with embedded prebiotics and probiotics of HeiQ Allergen Tech for fabric allergen reduction

2. Enzyme Production:

Blend of probiotics produces a wide range of enzymes

An illustration of the natural matrix with prebiotics and probiotics of HeiQ Allergen Tech releasing enzymes for fabric allergen reduction

3. Allergen removal

These enzymes “digest” a large variety of inanimate allergens (= organic protein molecules)

An illustration of the enzymes removing inanimate allergens

HeiQ Allergen Tech is designed for a wide range of applications:


Upholstered furniture

Rugs & Carpets

Public transportation


Unique, proprietary technology

HeiQ Allergen Tech textile treatment matrix

The Scanning Electron Microscope image shows the porous biopolymer matrix which contains the synbiotic microroganisms (magnified section).

A powerful blend of multiple non-modified bacterial strains of the spore-forming bacillus family is delivered to the textile on a 100% biobased protective and slow-release matrix.

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Testing HeiQ Allergen Tech

HeiQ offers following test method for your textiles powered by HeiQ Allergen Tech:

HeiQ Synbiotic Effect Test

  • Quantitative, inhouse test method that measures the viability of the synbiotic spores
  • It correlates to the allergen reduction performance tests
  • The test provdes that probiotics are present in relevant numbers and alive
  • The results are given as a number of colony forming units per gram textile (CFU/g)
  • Test executed at Microbe Investigations Switzerland (MIS) Iberia & China


Discover more about this technology!