HeiQ Surface Coatings

Smart Coating Formulations

Functionalize your surfaces with HeiQ’s smart coatings

  • Ready-to-use formulations for ceramic, glass, paint, ink, metal and paper coatings (solvent-based, UV-cured, coil, water-based, powder)
  • Tailor-made to answer your needs:
    • Proven antimicrobial effect (bacteria, fungi and viruses)
    • Durable, transparent conductivity (heat, electric, etc.)
    • Durable water repellence
  • Transparent, uniform, energy efficient and resource-saving

HeiQ Coatings are…

Innovative and highly functional smart formulations used in many industries. At the forefront of medical-grade advanced technology, they are easy to apply and are designed to work on many substrates: from metals, films and glasses to fibers and textiles.

Find out which coating option fits your specific needs best!

Our product range


HeiQ ECOS utilizes a patented silver nanowire technology which combines the excellent electrical properties of silver with the advantages of advanced technology. It can be diluted in any ratio with water and short-chain alcohols such as ethanol or 2-propanol. The dispersion is suitable to produce electrically conductive coatings and paints.


  • Transparent (up to 98% light transmission)
  • Applicable through roll-to-roll printing, tampon or screen printing
  • Usable on flexible substrates
  • Thermoformable without loss in conductivity
  • Antistatic protection
  • Highly reflective of IR and Radar frequencies

End uses

  • Transparent heating layers
  • Invisible wiring
  • Anti-static discharge protection of electronic components
  • Ideal conductor for transparent electrodes used in:
    • Touchscreens
    • LCDs & OLEDs
    • Printed photovoltaic devices
  • Create highly conductive fibers and textiles
  • Radar and IR camouflaging


HeiQ SANPURE is a novel silver-based, antimicrobial and antiviral* ready-to-use coating, with greater than 99.999% efficacy on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and viruses*. Researched and produced in Germany, it’s designed to be effective and durable. HeiQ SANPURE is specifically for use in healthcare facilities. 


  • Permanent antimicrobial effect  
  • Ready-to-use coating formulation 
  • Transparent 
  • Fully biocompatible 
  • Chemically resistant and abrasion-resistant

End uses

  • Medical tools and surface coatings, including door handles and handrails 
  • Ceramic coatings to prevent food spoilage and waste 
  • Increased hygiene of surfaces in critical pandemic scenarios

*Products marketed with implied or explicit public health claims, such as antiviral and specific antibacterial “kill” claims, need to be registered with the EU ECHA and or US EPA under FIFRA as biocidal/pesticidal products or devices and are not currently permitted. Please familiarize yourself with the relevant regulations concerning permissible claims.

In the market: HeiQ ECOS

One of HeiQ ECOS® many ingenious applications turned out to be car window heating. Compared to the current state of the art, which utilizes printed lines on the surface of the glass, HeiQ ECOS® is transparent. The technology is easier to implement and results in a seamless final product. It’s especially useful when used on windshields and car windows as it offers immediate heating and fog dispersion without impairing visibility.

The automobile industry has taken note!

Regulatory compliance

Thanks to years of experience, we have the necessary expertise to accompany you through all approval processes. Our service includes:

  • Regulatory assessment in the project planning phase
  • Verification of your product claims
  • Access to the HeiQ portfolio of approvals and supporting documents
  • Assistance with official interviews and examinations

We care about the safety of your product. With HeiQ as your partner, you can count on a successful launch of your product!

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