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HeiQ – Your material Innovation Partner

HeiQ is a leader in material innovation creating some of the most effective, durable and high-performance textile and material effects in the market today.

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Textile Technologies

HeiQ offers a full range of functional textile technologies to provide hygiene, comfort protection and resource efficiency.

Coatings & Polymers

HeiQ offers high-performance coatings with transparent conductivity as well as specialized antimicrobials for coatings and polymers.


HeiQ offers a wide range of goods enhanced with HeiQ’s patented probiotic technology for cosmetics, water treatment and cleaning products.

synbiotic cleaning

Finished Goods

HeiQ also offers innovative, functional consumer goods for personal care, healthcare and lifestyle.

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Meet HeiQ Mint

HeiQ’s latest odor control innovation for textiles

This biobased odor control textile technology provides effective and lasting freshness for clothing and home textiles. HeiQ Mint is jointly developed with Patagonia to keep textiles fresh for longer and reduce the need for washing.

HeiQ Mint addresses body odors on textiles and this function regenerates at every wash. This textile technology is based on a blend of essential mint oils, is OEKO-TEX® suited, bluesign approved, and ZDHC compliant, with a USDA bio-preferred certification in progress.

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We leverage our boundless academic research network and internal development specialists to invent disruptive new technologies that meet consumer needs and outperform the market. Engaging with you along the entire value chain, we are the ideal partner to help you innovate, differentiate your products and capture the added value at the point of sale.