Techtextil 2024

23-26 April 2024 / Frankfurt, Germany

HeiQ flyer invitation for Techtextil 2024

Join us at Techtextil and discover the boundless possibilities of our cutting-edge biobased solutions. At HeiQ, we’re not just envisioning the future. We’re bringing it to life today. 

As the solution provider for biobased textile technologies, HeiQ is proud to showcase our flagship product: HeiQ Mint. This revolutionary plant-based odor control technology, along with our suite of offerings including HeiQ Cool, HeiQ Allergen Tech, and HeiQ Skin Care, is setting new standards for performance and sustainability across diverse industries. 

Join the ranks of industry leaders such as Patagonia, Triumph, and John Lewis, who have already embraced HeiQ Mint since its market launch in November 2022. 

Visit us at Techtextil to witness firsthand how HeiQ is shaping the future of textiles, one innovation at a time. 

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