How does probiotics-based cleaning work?

Were you raised with the belief that all bacteria are bad? They’re not! In fact, you would not be able to survive without them. The good bacteria (probiotics) that populate our gut are the best-known example.

Designed in nature, perfected by science, we use synbiotics, a patented, unique synergy of probiotics (good bacteria) and prebiotics (good sugars) as active ingredients in our cleaning products. They go to work in every nook and cranny and keep on going long after traditional cleaning products have given up.

When cleaning with probiotics, you use our friends the good bacteria by depositing a layer of them on the surface. The probiotics produce enzymes that break down dirt into tiny particles, both during and after cleaning, absorbing the particles and digesting them as food. Probiotics continue to function for days after cleaning, providing a long-lasting cleaning effect. The results: a microscopic deep clean and long-lasting absorption of odors.


HeiQ Synbio Clean - Cleaning Spray

Finished products

We offer a range of innovative synbiotic cleaning products, both for home and professional use:

HeiQ Synbio Clean Pro

Probiotic cleaning for professional use

HeiQ Synbio Clean 

Probiotic cleaning for home use

HeiQ Synbio Clean - Allergen Spray

Synbiotic ingredients

We share our patented synbiotic technology to strengthen your products and offer:

  • Ingredients to augment your own formulation (OEM partnership with HeiQ)
  • Private label (white label) formulation, for you to rebrand our ready-to-use cleaning formulations as your own
  • “HeiQ Synbio” as an ingredient brand to add to your own formulations

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Working with conventional chemical cleaning products and disinfectants appears to be cleaning surfaces well, but:

  • The more disinfectants we use, the more resistant bacteria we create. This is called the decontamination paradox
  • It is difficult to clean in scratches and remove the grimy film layer which is a source of unpleasant smells


    HeiQ Synbio Clean works with nature and not against it, resulting in:

    • A continuous cleaning effect, lasting for days after application, microscopically purifying down to the deepest pores
    • Introduces beneficial bacteria (probiotics) into the space and does not utilize harsh chemicals known to cause bacterial resistance
    • Stubborn, deep pollution can take a few weeks to clean; but once gone, can be kept clean with less effort

    NEWS: Probiotic cleaning as new technology in the Robert Koch Institute guidelines for hospital hygiene

    Robert Koch Institute has included probiotic surface cleaning in its new official recommendations for hospital hygiene and infection control, a major breakthrough for the HeiQ Synbio technology.

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    • All probiotic bacterial strains are naturally occurring soil microorganisms that have not been changed by recombinant DNA techniques (not manufactured with genetically modified organisms)
    • The components of probiotics are readily biodegradable, and their degradation products are considered safe for fauna and flora.
    • All probiotics used belong to Biosafety Level (BSL) 1 and are not considered pathogenic
    • 15 years of safe use in hospitals and clinical studies
    • SYNBIO products meet the EU Ecolabel criteria


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