HeiQ Real Silk

Wear silk every day

Unique textile treatment based on short silk fibers

  • Luxurious touch of softness
  • Based on HeiQ’s revolutionary Short Polymer Fiber (SPF) technology
  • Enhanced comfort thanks to highly absorbent and fast-drying effect
  • Cost effective value enhancing treatment
  • Applicable to any fiber type: natural, synthetic and blends
Woman wearing a red dress like silk enhanced with HeiQ Real Silk textile technology

HeiQ Real Silk…

…treatment reproduces the luxurious touch effects of silk: soft, dry, cool and comfortable. It uses real silk fibers secured to the surface of each textile fiber. It is ideal for any apparel and endows any fabric with a touch of luxury and added value.

HeiQ Real Silk is ideal for the fashion world and brings a touch of luxury to everyone by enhancing otherwise “common” fabrics (e.g. polyester or cotton) with the characteristics and luxurious feel of silk.

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