Rent-a-Scientist Innovation Service

HeiQ RAS’ team of natural and material scientists in Germany has been successfully offering Renta-Scientist development services since 1995. We support our customers in every phase of the innovation process. We start with the research of concepts and external technology providers, help our partners acquire suitable development partners and funding, and take them the distance through to the realization and implementation of their tailor-made development projects. We do it all on our customers’ behalf, from research, technical implementation concept creation, feasibility analyses, test development, products and processes. 

HeiQ RAS has a successful innovation track record in chemistry, biology, medical technology, life sciences, material sciences, production, process technology and environmental technology.


Supporting you through Ingredient Branding & MarketingHeiQ’s products come with high quality Brands to simplify the communication to the consumer, allowing you a differentiation at the point of sales (POS). 

We help you leveraging on the added value of HeiQ’s technologies in your products. Therefore, we provide you with Branding tools – like our HeiQ Hangtagsto draw a line between commodity applications and your HeiQ functionalized high-tech product. 

Simply join our HeiQ Partner Licensing Program in order to benefit from our full Branding support! If you are interested, please contact 

Testing Services

Our new laboratory enables us to perform numerous tests to evaluate the high performance of our technologies. Following test methods are offered for your textiles:

  • Repellency performance test methoods
  • Evaporation / Wicking / Drop test methods
  • Odor control test methods
  • Friction test methods
  • UPF test methods

The tests validate and document the HeiQ technology performance in all kind of product applications.

See all offered test methods

Thermoregulation / Evaporation test methods:

  • FLIR thermal test
  • Adaptive dynamic evaporation test
  • DSC test*
  • Sweating manikin test*
  • Sweating torso test*
  • User wear trial
  • Water drop test (AATCC 79)
  • Vertical wicking test (M&S P136B)

Repellency test methods:

  • Spray test (AATCC 22)
  • Bundesmann rain test (ISO 9865)
  • Static Roll-off angle test
  • Water pressure (water column) test (ISO 811/JIS L 1092 A/AATCC 127)
  • Aqueous liquid repellency (AATCC 193)
  • Soil release test (AATCC 130)
  • Water vapor transmission rate (JIS L 1099)
  • Water vapor resistance (ISO 11092/ASTM F1868/JIS L 1099 C)
  • Air permeability (ASTM D737/JIS L 1096)

Odor control test methods:

  • Absorption test methods (JIS L 1902/ISO 20743/AATCC 100)
  • Dynamic contact methods (ASTM E2149)
  • Deodorant test (JIS L 1919)


* External testing offered at cost

Regulatory Affairs Services

HeiQ’s regulatory affairs professionals provide regulatory advice with regard to product testing and registration requirements. HeiQ is an expert in understanding and complying with all the relevant regulations. As your partner, we guide you in regulations and make sure your product and marketing are coherent with the relevant laws. With HeiQ as your partner, you can take your application to market with full confidence.

HeiQ regulatory affair services include:

  • Access to HeiQ’s portfolio of regulatory approvals and quality label
  • Assessment of regulatory requirements during project planning and application development phase
  • Regulatory review of your marketing claims
  • Support for regulatory reviews with agencies
Labelling Requirements under Article 58 of the Biocidal Products Regulation (EU) No 528/2012

Please note that the EU has issued a regulation introducing labelling requirements for articles treated with a biocidal product. More details about this Labelling Requirements can be downloaded here.


Technical Support Services

HeiQ’s technical experts advise on the following:

  • Implementation of HeiQ Technologies
  • Process development (on-site or in HeiQ laboratories) for new articles or effects
  • Process optimisation (existing production)
  • Troubleshooting
  • On-site support by our network of technical experts


Textile Effect Development Service

HeiQ’s product development service is designed to help companies quickly identify, target and manufacture novel applications with HeiQ additives. By utilizing the broad expertise of HeiQ’s Research Network, own R&D service provides companies with the fastest way to turn new application concepts into blockbuster innovations.

Outsourcing R&D is gaining traction in the industry, as the need to bring new products to market faster intensifies. HeiQ’s series of novel high performance additives and HeiQ’s unique ability to draw on expertise across a wide range of disciplines leads to truly innovative products.

HeiQ’s product development services provides a reliable, high-quality addition to your in-house resources of R&D.

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