Synbiotic innovation and product development

We share our patented synbiotic technology HeiQ Synbio with other companies to create innovative and reliable products that enhance the natural balance of spaces, people, and the environment. We share our technology and formulations either…

…as a private label (white label)
…as a synbiotic ingredient for manufacturers to incorporate in existing or new formulations.

We enable our partners to upgrade their products and provide them with the technical expertise they can rely on. As innovation and product development company in the field of liquid detergents and cosmetics with modern and high production capacity, HeiQ Chrisal offers new possibilities in multiple applications and markets. HeiQ Synbio is already used by partners in healthcare, cleaning, personal care, and animal care.

HeiQ Synbio - Partner up with HeiQ Chrisal

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Private label (white label)

HeiQ Chrisal offers a private label opportunity to companies that are interested in our patented synbiotic technology for their own brand.

You use the finished HeiQ Chrisal product (formulation and packaging) and dress it up in your own ‘jacket’, branding it as your own. Your only contribution is the design of the product label.

Synbiotic ingredients

HeiQ Chrisal offers synbiotic ingredients to companies that would like to power up their existing product formulation or create entirely new applications. These are fully tailor-made projects that include co-creation of products and a shared responsibility in terms of product quality, efficacy, registrations, IP, etc.

Synbiotic ingredients for personal care
Synbiotic ingredients for cleaning products
HeiQ Synbio Clean - Cleaning Spray

Professional cleaning range distribution

Are you interested in distributing HeiQ Synbio Clean Pro, our professional cleaning line, in your region?

HeiQ Chrisal has started a true hygiene revolution with synbiotic cleaning products. With 15 years of safe use in hospitals and clinical studies and awarded the EU Ecolabel, our professional cleaning products effectively replace harsh chemical cleaners.  With traditional hospital hygiene only lasting for 30 minutes, synbiotic was declared an excellent alternative, with the antimicrobial resistance of MRSA bacteria on hospital surfaces reduces by up to 99.9%, as a study at the Charité Hospital in Berlin found.*

HeiQ Synbio professional cleaning range

*Klassert et al. 2022. Clinical Microbiology and Infection.


  • R&D (efficiency, stability, safety)
  • Legislation (registration, documentation)
  • Technical knowledge (formulation, packaging)
  • Production & logistics
  • Marketing support


HeiQ Synbio Clean - Cleaning Spray

Cleaning with synbiotics


Our synbiotic technology powers a range of innovative probiotic cleaning products that give a much deeper, far longer lasting clean to all surfaces and keep on going long after traditional cleaning products have given up. Learn more…

Cleaning products for professionals
Cleaning products for consumers
HeiQ Synbio Clean - Allergen Spray

Personal care with synbiotics


Designed in nature, perfected by science, synbiotic personal care products optimize the microbiome on the skin to create the perfect environment for renewing, rebalancing, and improving healthy skin appearance. Learn more…

Personal care ingredients for professionals
Personal care  products for consumers
HeiQ Synbio Clean - Cleaning Spray

Animal care with synbiotics


Synbiotic products greatly support professional livestock owners with animal care and hygiene to keep animal housing and animals in optimal condition. Learn more…

Production animal care for professionals
Horse care products for professionals
Pet care products for consumers
HeiQ Synbio Clean - Allergen Spray

Synbiotics for water treatment


Synbiotics help industrial water facilities, such as cooling towers, open water and ponds deal with problems such as biofilm formation, algae, and odors.

Industrial water treatment (cooling towers)
Open water and ponds
HeiQ Synbio Clean - Allergen Spray

Synbiotics for textiles

Developed as 100% bio-based textile technologies, synbiotics combined with a slow-release matrix are added to fabrics during the finishing stage, providing them with useful benefits such as allergen reduction or skin care. Read more…

HeiQ Allergen Tech, synbiotic protection for textiles
HeiQ Skin Care, synbiotic textile balance


HeiQ Synbio Clean - Cleaning Spray

Car air conditioning with synbiotics


To enjoy fresh air in our vehicles, we offer a water-based probiotic air conditioner cleaner that thoroughly prevents odor formation in cars for up to 6 months. Learn more…


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