Significant Shareholders

Management holds almost a quarter of the shares and are therefore fully aligned with its original shareholders.

Shareholders with an interest greater than 3% are as follows:

Shareholders Number of Ordinary Shares Percentage of issued share capital
Darren Morcombe 22,191,732 13.17%
Cortegrande AG* 13,995,030 8.30%
Carlo Centonze 9,287,080 5.51%
Murray Height 8,018,063 4.76%
Bombyx Growth Fund SC 7,385,355 4.38%
Premier Miton Group plc 6,827,500 4.05%
FIL Limited 5,357,000 3.18%

* Company wholly owned by Carlo Centonze and of which he is the sole director.

The Company has 168,537,907 ordinary shares in issue.