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Headquartered in Switzerland, HeiQ is an IP creator and established global brand in materials and textile innovation, adding hygiene, comfort, protection, and sustainability to the products we use every day, improving the lives of billions.

Today, the HeiQ Group organizes its business by three business units: Textiles & Flooring, Life Sciences, Coatings & Polymers and Innovation Services. Our key activities in each one of these areas are Scientific Research, Specialty Material Manufacturing, and Consumer Marketing & Ingredient Branding. HeiQ also provides Innovation Services, by enabling customers in all business areas to innovate beyond their in-house capability. Our technologies help our downstream customers set themselves apart in high-growth markets and provide valuable USPs to hundreds of global brands.

During our 18-year history, we have built long-standing relationships with clients all over the world and secured an established position in the textile sector In recent years we have expanded our offerings to other industries. To date, we have partnered with over 300 major brands and worked with them to develop many of our 200+ technologies.

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Year End: 31 December

Half Year: 30 June

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