Investment Case

Market leading business in materials innovation

  • 7 advanced technology platforms developed in-house or through acquisition
  • Established, high-margin commercialized innovation portfolio of +200 products
  • Developing 4 [medium to earlier stage] industry disruptive technologies with significant value creation & growth potential
  • Diversified 100+ key customer base served across multiple markets & countries

Financial track record

  • Demonstrated the cash generative nature of our operating business (excluding disrupted 2022)
  • Healthy balance sheet to facilitate rapid innovation commercialization
  • Cash position enables resilience in current market disruption

Growth delivered organically and through acquisition

  • Doubled revenues since 2019
  • 5 smaller capability building acquisitions successfully completed and integrated since listing in 2020

Experienced, diverse, and committed leadership team

  • ~24% ownership b Board  & leadership team
  • 3 distinct Business Units: Textiles & Flooring, Life Sciences, Coatings & Polymers

Award-winning ESG Credentials

  • Swiss Environmental Award in 2019
  • Swiss Tech Award (2010 and 2020)
  • Refer to our sustainability report
  • HeiQ is dedicated to improving the lives of billions of people by creating better and more sustainable materials
  • We inspire and enable our value chain to develop more durable, biobased, renewable, recyclable, and circular products.

Our core focus is to replace harmful substances with more sustainable alternatives, extend the useful lives of consumer goods, replace resistance-creating biocides, and improve energy utilization in buildings, electric vehicles, and mobile devices.

Active in high growth markets – HeiQ’s six focus markets

Ingredient IP creator for six markets

  1. Textile chemicals
    $28bn, CAGR 4.6%
  2. Man-made fibers
    $135bn, CAGR 3.5%
  3. Paints & coatings
    $200bn, CAGR 5.4%
  4. Antimicrobial plastics
    $37bn, CAGR 10.1%
  5. Probiotics
    $53bn, CAGR 6.8%
  6. Hospital & household cleaners
    $55bn, CAGR 5.2%


Addressable market segments: High-tech, high growth

  1. Textile chemicals, $1bn
  2. Man-made fibers, $2.9bn
  3. Paints & coatings, $0.5bn
  4. Antimicrobial plastics, $1bn
  5. Probiotics, $0.5bn
  6. Hospital & household cleaners, $1bn

Total addressable market: $6.9bn