Compatible with fiber, coating and ceramic glaze floorings, we offer a wide range of antimicrobial solutions, including metal-based, synthetic organics and botanical-based technologies which are available as active ingredients or masterbatches:

  • Durable and efficacious
  • EU BPR & EU REACH compliant
  • US EPA & TSCA compliant
  • Food and drinking water contact approved
HeiQ antimicrobial additives for polymers

Durable flooring solutions

Vinyl flooring

  • Antimicrobial additives in thin transparent top coating
  • Application- & coating thickness-based solutions: 
    • UV-cured coatings 
    • Water-based coatings

Wood flooring

  • Additives for varnish solution depends on coating formulation & thickness:
    • UV-cured coatings 
    • Solvent-based coatings
    • Water-based coatings

Laminate flooring

  • Hard water-based melamine coating on decorative printed paper
  • Aqueous dispersion solutions

Ceramic tiles

  • Coated with a water-based glaze, fired at very high temperatures
  • Solution is typically water-based dispersion added to the glaze top-coat (only)


  • Extruded fibers made of polyester, polypropylene or nylon
  • Add antimicrobial masterbatch in pellet form blended prior to extrusion


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Plant-based antimicrobial additives for flooring

Life Natural is an advanced peppermint-based antimicrobial technology that controls microbial growth on coated surfaces and can be incorporated into flooring and coating solutions (e.g. PU floor coverings).


  • Permanent antimicrobial effect
  • Transparent
  • Chemically resistant and abrasion resistant


SILVER- AND SYNTHETIC-BASED additives for SURFACE coatings and flooring

HeiQ HyProTecht is a family of antimicrobial additives for highly effective surface coatings and flooring solutions. Built into your materials like color pigments, they suppress bacterial growth that causes deterioration, staining, discoloration and odor, and provide long-lasting product protection.


  • Permanent antimicrobial effect
  • Additive or masterbatch solutions
  • Transparent
  • Chemically resistant and abrasion resistant


Products marketed with implied or explicit public health claims, such as specific antibacterial “kill” claims, need to be registered with the EU ECHA and or US EPA under FIFRA as biocidal/pesticidal products or devices and are not currently permitted. Please familiarize yourself with the relevant regulations concerning permissible claims.

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Our additives meet regulatory requirements
A treated product with a primary biocidal function is considered a biocidal product. We are happy to assist you in finding the right claim for your product to either remain as a treated good or to register as a biocidal product.