Go green! HeiQ’s bio-based textile technologies  

Learn about HeiQ’s growing range of bio-based technologies ready to make textiles functional while meeting the growing demand for sustainability. In recent years, the interest in environmentally friendly products has surged across various industries, and the textile sector is no exception. Consumers have become increasingly aware of the environmental impact associated with conventional textiles and are actively seeking alternatives that are derived from renewable resources.

We are showcasing the innovative bio-based technologies HeiQ Mint, HeiQ Cool, HeiQ Soft Sense and HeiQ Allergen Tech*, which bring an array of benefits to both apparel and home textiles.

Our speakers provide real-life application examples and are specialists in their field:

  • Philip Ghekiere, Sustainability Officer at HeiQ
  • George Hartel, Chief Commercial Officer at GQ Apparel

(*Inanimate allergens such as house dust mite matter & pet allergens)


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HeiQ Mint

Botanical odor control 

HeiQ Mint is a plant-based technology that provides fabrics with a long-lasting odor control capability.

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HeiQ Cool

Dual action cooling 

HeiQ Cool is the world’s first textile technology to deliver both instant and continuous cooling for optimal well-being day and night.

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HeiQ Allergen Tech

Synbiotic protection 

HeiQ Allergen Tech reduces the exposure to allergens such as house dust mite matter and pet allergens with the help of active probiotics.

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