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Dual action cooling

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Starts cool, stays cool

  • Revolutionary dual action: instant & continuous cooling
  • Up to 3°C/5.4°F cooler fabric temperature
  • Enhancing thermal & moisture comfort
  • Contains >50% biobased content
  • Based on a patented formulation
  • Gives consumers a tangible cooling sensation at point of sale
  • Maintains excellent hand-feel and hydrophilicity
  • Exceptional cooling performance for the lifetime of the textile product
  • Flexible finishing possibilities: Pad, Foam coating or Print
  • Applicable to work on any fiber type: natural, synthetics and blends
  • For home textiles and apparel
  • USDA certified biobased products, OEKO-TEX suited, meets most brand RSL requirements
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OEKO-TEX suited

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HeiQ Cool is…

…the world’s first textile technology to deliver both instant contact cooling and
continuous evaporative cooling for optimal well-being day and night. It cools before the first sign of sweat, delays the build-up of heat and continuously regulates the temperature. Instantly cool to the touch, the components synergistically recharge the surface layer ensuring a consistently cool, dry and comfortable climate around the body.

World’s first dual action cooling textile technology

Starts cool: Cooling starts when the body is hot. The biobased vegetable
oil-derived thermo-functional polymer absorbs heat energy, giving an instant cooling sensation.

Stays cool: If the body continues to heat up, perspiration is generated and the
patented hydro-functional polymer transports moisture away together with the heat, creating a continuous cooling effect that stops once cooling is complete.

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Consumers are interested in thermoregulation technology:

for activewear


for home fabrics


for casual wear


for business wear


Source: Cotton Inc.


Over time, HeiQ Cool treated fabrics provide in total a cooler sensation compared to an untreated fabric sample – initially and continuously.

Products for dual action cooling

HeiQ Cool NFL-01

Dual action cooling for mattress ticking

End use:
Mattress ticking and memory foam products

Foam coating & padding application

HeiQ Cool PRT-01

Dual action cooling for print application

End use:
Ideal for woven and knit products. Home textiles such as bed linen and accessories, bed pillows, basic comforters, mattress pads, mattress toppers, pillowcases, but also apparel

For print application

HeiQ Cool PAD-01

Dual action cooling for pad application

End use:
Ideal for lightweight woven and knit products. Home textiles such as bed linen and accessories, bed pillows, basic comforters, mattress pads, mattress toppers and pillowcases; but also apparel

For pad application

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