HeiQ, Pruex and Biowet Drwalew forge game-changing partnership for sustainable probiotic animal housing hygiene in Poland

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HeiQ, a leading provider of innovative synbiotic cleaning solutions, is proud to announce the exclusive partnership with Biowet Drwalew, a specialist in animal health and cleaning products in Poland. This strategic collaboration is set to transform Poland’s animal housing maintenance by promoting stronger livestock, reducing the need for antibiotics, and enabling cost-effective farming whilst reducing agricultural pollution of air and water ways.

Biowet Drwalew is a reputable producer and distributor of animal health and cleaning products in Poland. Their dedication to quality and excellence has earned them the exclusive rights to distribute HeiQ Chrisal’s synbiotic animal housing products in Poland, under the Bioval brand name. Bioval products will be available to veterinarians and farmers in Polish agriculture, further advancing the standards of animal care and helping to reduce the need for antibiotics.

HeiQ Chrisal, a subsidiary of HeiQ Group, has a mission to render our world more sustainable and less polluted by harmful chemicals and reactive minerals. The biodegradable animal hygiene products of HeiQ Chrisal, the pioneering developer and manufacturer of 100% natural synbiotics, a patented synergy of probiotics and prebiotics, are in line with EU’s Green Deal policy that aims to e.g. promote sustainable farming practices and reduce the use of pesticides.

Pruex, HeiQ Chrisal’s trusted partner in the UK since 2017, has been instrumental in introducing the revolutionary synbiotic products to the agricultural sector. Known for their expertise in product application, Pruex provides Biowet Drwalew with extensive training, ensuring the seamless integration of HeiQ Chrisal’s synbiotic solutions. Pruex was founded with the aim of ensuring prudent use of antibiotics in agriculture and minimizing environmental pollution. By improving the environment in which animals are kept, such as drying up bedding and improving air and water quality with the help of HeiQ Chrisal’s synbiotic products, Pruex helps customers to reduce the need for antibiotics on their farms.

According to Robin Temmerman, Head of BU Life Sciences at HeiQ, “the partnership with Biowet Drwalew represents a leap in production animals hygiene. We’re committed to providing top-tier solutions that enhance animal well-being and environmental sustainability and we are glad that Biowet Drwalew is now together with us in this mission. This exclusive contract reinforces HeiQ’s commitment to innovation and sustainability while expanding our presence in the animal hygiene sector. It also demonstrates the company’s dedication to its partners and investors, ensuring continued growth and success.”

Boguslav Monczak, President of the Management Board at Biowet Drwalew, states: “Our exclusive partnership with HeiQ Chrisal aligns perfectly with our mission to provide top-quality products to our customers. We’re proud to bring these advanced solutions to Poland under the Bioval brand.”

Aled Rhys Davies, Director of Pruex Ltd, the key enabler of this partnership, remarks: “We’re excited to expand our collaboration with Biowet Drwalew and introduce HeiQ Chrisal’s innovative solutions to the Polish market, replicating the success that we have achieved in the UK, with thousands of satisfied customers. Together, we will be transforming animal care standards for the better.”

Proven successes in synbiotic animal hygiene

In 2021, Pruex’s innovative approach to using HeiQ Chrisal’s synbiotics on a chicken farm resulted in their winning the UK Agritech Award. Thanks to synbiotic animal housing cleaning, the chicken farm saw an optimized egg production that saved 12,000 GBP per flock and provided a considerably improved air quality to animals and people thanks to reduced ammonia levels.

Another remarkable success story saw synbiotic water treatment not only transforming the operations of a crocodile farm, also a Pruex customer, near Lake Malawi in Africa but also changing the lives of the surrounding community. The synbiotic water treatment solution eliminated the need for the heavy chemicals traditionally used to clean crocodile ponds and the nutrient-rich water from the farm now irrigates 19 hectares of land and supports three aquaculture ponds. This sustainable solution provides additional income to local smallholder farmers, enabling them to provide education for their children and securing a consistent food source for their families.

Achievements like these exemplify the transformative potential of HeiQ Chrisal’s synbiotic solutions for animal housing and water systems, now available also to Poland’s agricultural industry.


About Biowet Drwalew
Biowet Drwalew is a pharmaceutical company based in Drwalew, Poland. It was founded in 1928 and is one of the oldest and largest veterinary pharmaceutical companies in Poland. The company produces a wide range of veterinary medicines, including immunomodulators, antiparasitics, vaccines, nutritional supplements, and antibiotics. Biowet Drwalew also manufactures a variety of veterinary instruments and equipment. The company is committed to providing high-quality products and services to improve the health and welfare of animals. For more information, visit www.biowet-drwalew.pl/en

About Pruex
Pruex was founded in 2016 in Wales, UK, and is agri-tech company that is dedicated to helping lead the fight back against antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Pruex works with farmers and consumers to develop evidence-based strategies to reduce the use of antibiotics, such as helping them to identify the source of infections on their farms and to implement hygiene and husbandry practices to limit the introduction of infection. Pruex is a leading innovator in the field of AMR and has developed several patented technologies, including an automated spraying system that dries up chicken litter and reduces ammonia levels. The company has won several awards for its work, including the Agri-EPI Centre’s inaugural agri-tech award in 2021. For more information, visit pruex.myshopify.com