Bio-based HeiQ technologies unlock better sleep

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HeiQ’s bio-based textile technologies are set to show how they can change the sleep environment for the better while meeting an increasing demand for sustainable solutions that are in tune with nature. HeiQ Skin Care, HeiQ Allergen* Tech, HeiQ Cool, and HeiQ Mint are going to be showcased at the Heimtextil show in Frankfurt beginning of January.

HeiQ, a global leader in textile innovation, presents a complete set of tailored textile technologies that help improve the sleeping environment. “Unlocking Better Sleep” is the topic. Therefore, HeiQ introduces a range of innovative products designed to enhance the quality of a comfortable night’s rest through sustainable and bio-based solutions.

According to a recent study by the School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand), “individuals spend more than 50% of their time at home in the bedroom”. Another research from the Fatigue Countermeasures Laboratory, NASA Ames Research Center (United States), concluded that sleep is critical to health and daytime functioning. For individuals to achieve optimal sleep, they must have access to a sleep environment that allows them to achieve quality sleep.” These are strong indicators that we should treat sleep with the highest importance that it deserves.

HeiQ’s commitment to providing an optimal sleep environment aligns with this understanding, ensuring individuals have access to quality sleep free of external disruptions, using biologically sourced ingredients that work with our nature and not against it.

What happens during sleep transforms the time we’re awake

Mike Abbott, Head of HeiQ Textiles & Flooring business unit, notes, “HeiQ has developed a way to turn textile technologies into sleep-enhancing elements through its innovative approach to biobased ingredients, incorporating their benefits into bedding and home textile items. We are proud to showcase them along with our brand partners at Heimtextil, the leading tradeshow in this field.”

The flagship products leading this positive change are the 100% biobased cosmetic technology HeiQ Skin Care, the plant-based deodorizer HeiQ Mint (botanical freshness), the dual action cooling solution HeiQ Cool, and HeiQ Allergen Tech that reduces exposure to inanimate allergens through active probiotics. These bio-based innovations are set to redefine the sleep experience and contribute to overall well-being.

HeiQ Skin Care is the most recent addition to HeiQ’s portfolio – a synbiotic textile finish promoting a balanced microbiome for glowing skin. Unlike conventional products, HeiQ Skin Care utilizes pre- and probiotics integrated into a biobased matrix, offering long-lasting cosmetic benefits. It is particularly suited for products that are in direct and long contact with skin, such as pillowcases, duvet covers or bed sheets, acting as a cosmetic care session during sleep.

Heimtextil 2024 visitors will be able to experience these technologies applied to products from HeiQ brand partners such as Marks & Spencer, showcasing a duvet powered by HeiQ Allergen Tech, John Lewis with a pillow improved using HeiQ Mint for longer freshness and American Textile Company, with a mattress pad enhanced with HeiQ Allergen Tech.

Visit HeiQ at Heimtextil 2024, 9-12 January, in Hall 11.0, Booth 60, Messe Frankfurt (Germany), to experience firsthand the future of the sleeping environment. Join HeiQ in unlocking better sleep through HeiQ’s innovative biobased technologies.

*Inanimate allergens only.