rent a scientist®

Development services since 1995 

Our interdisciplinary team of natural and material scientists supports our customers during every phase of the innovation process. We help identify and evaluate innovations, connect research and development experts, match development partners along the value chain, and obtain funding.  

Take advantage of our network and drive your innovation projects forward! 

  • Competent and independent consulting in a variety of fields (including chemistry, biology, medical technology, life sciences, material sciences, production, process and environmental technology) 
  • Young, dynamic and interdisciplinary team of experts 
  • Comprehensive technology transfer for your innovation project  
  • Access to an extensive network of experts from industry, medium-sized businesses, and research 
  • Flexible and professional support throughout the entire innovation process: 
    • Research of concepts and external technology providers 
    • Acquisition of suitable development partners and funding 
    • Implementation of the development projects 
  • Fast, unbureaucratic and success-oriented implementation of your goals


For more than 20 years, we have been successfully advising small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as industrial customers. We support our clients in applying for funding, technology transfer and finding project partners. Unless otherwise agreed, we work exclusively on a contingency fee basis.



  • We work on your success and create your IP 
  • We develop your innovations in the fast lane 
  • You minimize your development effort 
  • You work with development professionals 
  • We give you access to numerous expert networks 
  • You benefit from funding expertise and experience

Our Innovation Networks

As management institution, HeiQ is actively involved in the organization and design of innovation networks.


Less microplastic from technical textiles


Bio-based (green) coatings


CO2 emission reduction in the brick industry

Gebäude ok

Plastic-free buildings


Paper-based  building materials


Recycled building materials


Energy and resource saving building glass


Functional mineral 3D printing of building materials


Environmental Technology

Renewable Energies

Chemical Industry

Building Materials


Materials Science



Life Sciences


Production Technology

Process Engineering

Polymer Technology

Coatings and Paints

Medical Technology

Sensor Technology



Product innovations without own development department 

For SMEs, we often fill in for missing development competencies and bring in current scientific knowledge, new materials and the systematic approach of experienced development professionals.

Supplement and expand your development competencies through us 
  • In case of personnel or infrastructural limitations 
  • Lack of development experience and methodological competence 
  • In the search for partners, identification and integration of external technology providers 
  • With a systematic approach, project planning and controlling 
  • Through structured knowledge management 
  • Through necessary expert know-how 
Financial support for product development 
  • To maintain the prosperity based on technological advantage, the states of the EU promote technical innovations with state subsidies – often as non-repayable grants. 
  • Get the necessary financial means for the realization of your innovation with our support. 
We keep track of it all 

The federal, state and EU governments provide billions of euros in subsidies every year. Small and medium-sized enterprises (<500 employees) are particularly encouraged. 

The most important funding programs in the area of innovation funding are innovation vouchers (e.g. innovation voucher Bavaria or also Baden Württemberg, BMWi innovation vouchers via go-inno), the Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM funding program) as well as numerous topic-specific funding programs of the federal government and the EU (e.g. horizon 2020). 

  • Completely non-binding and free of charge, we check whether you can apply for subsidies for your innovation project. 
  • For more than 20 years, rent a scientist® has accompanied its customers in applying for funding. We know the programs, the funding requirements, the contact persons and the application formalism. 
  • As a rule, we work for you on a success basis 

Industrial customers 

The extended workbench for your advance development 

Our industrial customers supplement their own competencies with know-how from other disciplines or clarify urgent questions with our scientists. 

Supplement and expand your development potential through us 
  • To identify problems and improve potentials in the search for partners, identification and integration of external technology providers 
  • In case of missing expert know-how 
  • In the development of new business fields and models through our long experience in various industries and technology fields 
Accelerate your own developments 
  • In case of personnel limitations 
  • In case of missing laboratory equipment, capacities or expert networks 
  • By structuring the development process 
  • Through new impulses from outside 
Reduce your development effort 
  • By outsourcing tasks 
  • Through variable access to additional personnel capacities 
 Positive effects on your development capacities 
  • Optimization of the necessary own contribution along the development process 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the development results?

The ownership of the development results is regulated in a cooperation agreement. Unless otherwise requested, the contract is based on the specifications of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMBF). This ensures that you as the client can freely use the development results at any time.

How is confidentiality ensured?

It is customary to sign a confidentiality agreement as early as the initial meeting, so that you can talk openly and freely with us about your innovation needs. You can either use a proven template from our inventory or send us your contract.

Development work is always risky - does rent a scientist® also help with the acquisition of funding?

Yes, we have established extensive know-how in this area, which gives you access to all funding opportunities. We provide you with competent advice and support you in the application process, partner search and project management.

What does the rent a scientist® service cost?

The initial consultation is free of charge and without obligation. We will get an overview of the scope of your innovation needs. We then prepare a quotation that breaks down the tasks into individual steps with maximum transparency and provides fixed prices. In this way, you always have full control over the development costs.

Is rent a scientist® a classic employee leasing?

No, because when you work with us, you don’t just get a single employee who contributes to your project, but a complete team of creative people who work intensively on your topic. This is the added value for you if you are thinking about increasing your staff.

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