Dual action cooling for textiles with HeiQ Cool

Learn about the world’s first textile technology to deliver both instant contact cooling and continuous evaporative cooling. Our bio-based textile technology HeiQ Cool achieves up to 3°C (5.4°F) cooler fabric temperatures! This exceptional cooling performance lasts for the lifetime of treated products.

Our two speakers Philip Ghekiere, Sustainability Officer at HeiQ and Danielle Mason, Head of Product Development at The Fine Bedding Company answer detailed questions about the technology and its practical application during the Q&A part of the webinar.

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HeiQ Cool – Dual action cooling

HeiQ Cool‘s revolutionary dual action provides both instant and continuous cooling. It starts working before the first sign of sweat, delays the build-up of heat and continuously regulates the temperature. Instantly cool to the touch, the components synergistically recharge the surface layer ensuring a consistently cool, dry and comfortable climate around the body.

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