Reduced textile friction for cotton, synthetics and blends: GLIDER by HeiQ

HeiQ’s GLIDER reduces friction and increases textile comfort; active people, athletes, workers do not have to worry about rubbing, chafing and blisters anymore. HeiQ invites its brand partners to test GLIDER on their various fabrics and to sample the recently created GLIDER Hangtags.

What is friction? …the force resisting the motion between two surfaces in contact. Friction is one of the key factors that lower the perceived comfort of textiles. Controlling friction leads to improved comfort, a key interest for sport and outdoor brands and athletes alike.

Friction due to fabric rubbing causes local skin heat up, wetting of the skin and skin irritation, which severe cases may lead to skin injuries (such as blisters and wounds). Several elements impact the coefficient of friction: fiber and yarn composition and structure, fabric structure and construction, fabric moisture content, skin conditions and fabric surface treatment.

Reducing friction increases textile comfort. Friction can be reduced by applying lubricating agents or antiperspirants in order to keep the garment dry. However, these conventional solutions are not optimal as direct skin application is uncomfortable and non-durable.

HeiQ’s GLIDER is a textile surface treatment that helps the wearer feel more comfortable and at ease while moving and during sport. In-house HeiQ tests, and also independent tests by EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology), have demonstrated that the GLIDER treatment moderates the friction properties of textiles. For product development purposes and quality control, HeiQ offers to its partners the possibility to test GLIDER’s performance on various fabric types.

GLIDER is suitable for different types of wear: athletics and sports, underwear and workwear. Currently, the product range consists of two available products: HeiQ Glider FREE, suitable for synthetics (PES, PA, etc.) and blends with cellulosic, and HeiQ Glider CEL, which is appropriate for cellulosic fabrics (e.g. cotton). Both products provide a durable low friction effect, which reduces the risk of skin injuries and irritations, provides good smoothness and softening effects and additionally, deliver traditional moisture management properties.

Moreover, in order to achieve a full comfort treatment, GLIDER can be combined with ADAPTIVE and PURE for an additional dynamic cooling effect and for a natural freshness effect, respectively. What else could the wearer desire?

As for ADAPTIVE, BARRIER and PURE, HeiQ provides its partners with marketing support for the GLIDER product family. HeiQ offers to its partners standard Hangtags and the possibility to create customized Hangtags including a tailored QR code that, after being scanned, directs the user to a webpage providing technical information about GLIDER or a video featuring the benefits of GLIDER.

Why not check it for yourself? HeiQ will present GLIDER at OutDoor Friedrichshafen (10-13 July 2014) as well as at Outdoor Retailer summer market in Salt Lake City (6-9 August 2014).