PARTNER NEWS: Novara technology and HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 aid medical textile production

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Content provided by PARTNER Alchemie Technology:

To help safeguard healthcare workers and citizens in the current coronavirus crisis, Alchemie Technology have partnered with HeiQ to use the new Novara digital precision coating technology to provide innovative and scalable application of HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 anti-viral coating (HeiQ Viroblock) for personal protective equipment manufacture.

“Novara digital precision coating technology has been used to coat PPE fabric with the HeiQ Viroblock to address critical medical textile manufacture” said Dr Simon Kew Managing Director at Alchemie Technology. “We are pleased to work with HeiQ to coat fabrics with HeiQ Viroblock and support the global efforts to combat COVID-19”.

Novara digital fabric coating technology digitally applies HeiQ Viroblock which has been tested to ISO 18184 and has been demonstrated to be antiviral on treated mask material. Alchemie’s Novara technology delivers high precision 2D patterned coating, with one or two-sided functional HeiQ Viroblock coatings applied at 1.8 m wide. Novara combines the throughput of conventional coating technologies with the precision of digital, enabling HeiQ Viroblock to be applied with unparalleled precision, all controlled with real-time digital data.

This digital approach to applying the HeiQ Viroblock textile coatings brings limitless flexibility to functional coatings for technical textiles. Novara uses Alchemie’s own proprietary digital application technology, which have been specifically designed for jetting high-viscosity coatings. Novara is also much faster than conventional coating methods with coating speeds of the Novara between 25 and 50m/min of 1.8m wide production fabric rolls, delivering over 5000 square meters per hour.

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