PARTNER NEWS: MAS+ and HeiQ partner to create functional PPEs to fight COVID-19

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Content provided by PARTNER MAS+:

MAS+ and HeiQ announce a partnership in producing functional personal protective equipment (PPE) integrating HeiQ’s latest antiviral textile technology.

As an effort to contribute to mitigating the spread of the coronavirus and other hospital infections, MAS+ created a range of functional and comfortable PPE products that integrate HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03, the latest breakthrough in textile technologies in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. This revolutionary textile treatment has shown a 99.99% reduction of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in laboratory tests conducted by the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity in Melbourne, Australia. The wash-durable textile treatment will become a substantial addition to MAS+’s latest range of reusable medical supplies and PPE.

MAS+ is an arm of MAS, one of Southeast Asia’s largest apparel and textile manufacturers specializing in medical apparel and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) ideal for first responders and frontline workers.

Ranil Vitarana the Chief Innovation Officer for MAS Holdings, stated, “As a company led by innovation, we found HeiQ to be an equally innovative organization. We have been partnering with them for the past 5 years to bring innovative solutions to the market. This is a good example of the proactiveness of HeiQ.” 

Through this and other integrations of innovation and decades of manufacturing expertise, MAS+ aims to safeguard frontline workers and curtail acquired infection costs. The manufacturing capabilities MAS with 53 factories across 16 countries allows the design and delivery of customized PPE within 4 weeks, offering product development and rapid prototyping while leveraging their global supply chain.

Co-founder and groupd CEO of HeiQ, Mr. Carlo Centonze stated, “HeiQ and MAS have been innovation partner for 5 years now. The HeiQ team especially enjoy working with MAS Twinery for that they have an innovative spirit like a start-up. Proud to bring antiviral PPEs treated with HeiQ Viroblock together to the market.”

“We have been engaged closely with teams in multiple different business units under the MAS umbrella. It is always illuminating to work with these teams they use the concept of innovation as a challenge, to both build on and execute projects which impact positively on our stakeholders,” said Mr. Musa Rabin, VP HeiQ Brandforce South Asia, “even over the past few months where the pandemic has re-shaped how we approach innovation, the teams at MAS have risen to challenge of re-tooling themselves in order to offer the best possible technologically driven products to help with the goal reducing the risk of transmission in society at large as well as protecting our frontline warriors, globally. HeiQ is glad to partner with MAS help with this goal and eager to support through the onboarding of HeiQ Viroblock technology.”

For inquires about customized PPE offerings, please visit MAS+ website for a complete list of products, or email Amrah Akbar at (Director – Medical Apparel and PPE).


About MAS+

MAS+ is a strategic business venture which belongs to MAS Holdings, Southeast Asia’s largest apparel and textile design-to-delivery solutions provider. Backed by decades of experience, MAS specializes in developing next-to-skin solutions in active, intimate, and swim apparel. This wealth of experience and knowledge allows MAS+ to bring innovations to the medical apparel space by creating Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that safeguards healthcare workers and first responders.