PARTNER NEWS: Kenneth Cole implements safe and sustainable HeiQ V-Block technology

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Content provided by PARTNER Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole, renowned for their PPE assortment, have opted in favor of Swiss award-winning safe and sustainable technology to strengthen the antimicrobial efficacy of their woven and neoprene masks by using the world-leading proved effective antimicrobial HeiQ V-Block.

Kenneth Cole, renowned for its top recommended personal protection equipment, is permanently searching for the best and most innovative new technologies to maintain its well-established market position. With HeiQ V-Block, the company has found and implemented the antimicrobial technology proved to be most effective.  The technology is currently in extremely high demand with customers around the world.

“In an effort to create the mask that is the most functional on the market, while also being the best looking, we placed safety and sustainability as a top priority, said Chairman and Chief Creative Officer at Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc, Kenneth Cole.  The Swiss award-winning HeiQ V-Block has added a layer of ideal technology that helps create a product that we are really proud of and gets us that much closer to our goal.”

Qualities that exemplify HeiQ V-Block:

  • Certifiably Safe
    • HeiQ V-Block does not contain any nano particles.
    • HeiQ V-Block’s unique patent-pending formulation is made with 100% cosmetic-grade materials from the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Materials.
  • Proven Effective
    • HeiQ V-Block is an innovative, patent-applied Swiss textile technology that combines HeiQ’s specially engineered antimicrobial silver technology and uses vesicle technology as a booster for effective and rapid efficacy.
    • A library of certified laboratory test reports that confirm HeiQ V-Block’s powerful antimicrobial efficacy.

Carlo Centonze, HeiQ CEO and Co-Founder says, “I am delighted that Kenneth Cole has elected for a sustainable solution to power their masks by choosing our award-winning HeiQ V-Block technology as well as other HeiQ effects. We are truly proud that those qualities of safety and sustainability that exemplify our technologies are being embraced and now being implemented around the world and how well they are proving themselves.  I have no doubt that Kenneth Cole customers will also enjoy not just the fabric protection benefits but also the knowledge that their products are certified safe and sustainable.”

Kenneth Cole’s cotton masks recently received Ars Technica’s “top all-around recommendation” for face masks on the basis that these not only meet but exceed CDC and WHO best practices. The protective bar for the woven and neoprene masks has now been raised thanks to the world’s leading antimicrobial

HeiQ V-Block Swiss textile technology, that protects the mask from microbes and germs.

Other mask attributes include:

  • Multi-layered filtration system: Treated for moisture control and small particle filtration, with an antimicrobial finish on interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Temperature control: HeiQ SmartTemp technology regulates your optimum temperature for all-year wear.
  • Flexible nose clip for a secure fit and minimal eyewear fogging.
  • Adult sizing: One size fits most.

The neoprene and woven masks have been treated with HeiQ V-Block technology to protect it. This mask does not protect users or others against human pathogens including bacteria, viruses, germs or other disease organisms.