HeiQ’s new Textile Technology GLIDER provides low-friction properties

HeiQ’s new Textile Technology GLIDER provides low-friction properties for all kinds of fabric types – A New Definition of Comfort

Swiss based HeiQ launches its low-friction textile treatment called GLIDER for sportswear, underwear and other textile applications. GLIDER allows free movement of garments, enhances wearer’s comfort and helps to boost performance. First product samples will be shipped to HeiQ mill partners on 1st of October 2013.

Traditionally, athletes have had to battle with their garments rubbing against their skin. During prolonged periods of action friction can increase between garments and the skin. Usually, rubbing of textiles against skin causes localized skin to heat up, followed by increasing levels of moisture on the skin. This can ultimately lead to blisters or even open wounds, resulting in decreased performance and discomfort. Additionally, the risk of infection from microorganisms grows and last but not least, increased abrasion of clothing can shorten the lifetime of the garment.

GLIDER complements the fabric composition and construction to help minimize the friction properties of clothing and to give enhanced tactile features. This is a key factor in textile comfort. This unique technology is a topical treatment for textiles that is typically applied via padding. The treatment is ideally suited to polyester, polyamide and cotton fabrics as well as blends. GLIDER by HeiQ helps garments remain comfortable for longer, while maintaining important textile parameters such as hand feel, color-fastness, moisture management, pilling and snagging properties. Additionally, GLIDER is skinsafe, bluesign pending and Oekotex compliant. This free-moving technology will be available for HeiQ mill partners starting from 1st of October 2013.
GLIDER by HeiQ is not just suitable for sportswear and active wear, but also ideal for underwear (especially shape wear), medical and work wear – basically for all skin contact garments. Of course, GLIDER is designed to function in conjunction with any of HeiQ’s other functional textile finishes to provide the utmost in comfort and performance.

HeiQ will present GLIDER to publicity at this year’s OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen, taking place 11 till 14 July, 2013, at booth A4-210.