HeiQ welcomes the new BOSS x HeiQ AeoniQ™ Polo Shirt

HeiQ is thrilled to announce the next launch of the previously ISPO-awarded BOSS x HeiQ AeoniQ™ polo shirt during the highly anticipated BOSS OPEN tennis tournament in Stuttgart.

The BOSS x HeiQ AeoniQ™ polo shirt is crafted from 87% HeiQ AeoniQ™, a revolutionary cellulosic yarn, derived from certified wood pulp, with performance attributes rivaling polyester fabrics’. This innovative seamless garment, manufactured in Europe and born from a collaboration between HUGO BOSS and Swiss innovator HeiQ, is as disruptive as its cellulosic fibers. The polo shirt is available for purchase in the BOSS OPEN pop-up store, as well as online, allowing fashion and activewear enthusiasts to opt for a more sustainable, circular product without compromising on style or performance.

Awarded Innovation in Cellulosic Fibers

The first BOSS x HeiQ AeoniQ™ polo shirt has just been acknowledged with the prestigious ISPO AWARD 2023, setting new standards in the field of more sustainable performance apparel.

By choosing the BOSS x HeiQ AeoniQ™ polo shirt, individuals are contributing to protecting our oceans from microfiber pollution generated by synthetic fibers. This extraordinary garment makes a fashion statement as well as a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Carlo Centonze, CEO of HeiQ, says, “With the new BOSS x HeiQ AeoniQ™ polo shirt, we offer a game-changing solution that merges innovation, timeless fashion, performance, and environmental consciousness.”

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