HeiQ tackles the potential risk of mosquito borne diseases with its new textile technology “HeiQ Bug Guard”

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The Swiss textile technology innovator HeiQ launches HeiQ Bug Guard at this year’s ISPO Munich. HeiQ Bug Guard is a reliable and highly effective technology for durable mosquito and insect protection. Wearing apparel empowered by HeiQ Bug Guard reduces the risk of mosquito and bug bites and consequently decreases the likelihood of infection with life-threatening diseases such as Zika, Malaria and Dengue.

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals on earth. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that millions of people die each year because of diseases carried and spread by mosquitoes. WHO states that the global risk of the spreading Zika virus remains unchanged and requires a high level of awareness and protection against Zika-transmitting mosquitoes. Zika virus is primarily carried by Aedes mosquitoes prevalent mainly in warmer climates.

At ISPO Munich 2017, HeiQ introduces its mosquito repellent textile technology HeiQ Bug Guard to the market. This reliable and globally approved technology transforms clothing into a protective shield against disease-carrying vectors like mosquitoes preventing them from biting you. The mosquito’s ability to sting through clothing – especially thinner materials – increases the need for an effective and durable technology, such as HeiQ Bug Guard. Especially of interest for outdoor gear manufacturers, this durable textile finishing technology is also used on every-day apparel and home textiles, such as mattresses.

HeiQ Bug Guard provides prolonged contact protection against mosquitoes but also repels ticks, dust mites, bed bugs and carpet beetles. The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (TPH) has tested and proven its exceptional efficiency and durability up to 100 washings. As a full service partner, HeiQ offers two industry standard test methods for efficacy: the exposure test (TL 830 50331) and the High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) test, which determines the permethrin level. Permethrin, the bioactive ingredient of HeiQ Bug Guard, is the only pesticide approved by the US EPA for use in clothing and gear, and is also permitted by bluesign for non-skin contact articles. HeiQ Bug Guard is applicable to all textile fiber types (except for 100% polypropylene) and complies with Oekotex Standard 100.

Why not discover more about HeiQ Bug Guard? On 5-8 February 2017, HeiQ will present its innovations at ISPO Munich – at the HeiQ booth Hall C3 Booth 402.