HeiQ launches its functional fabric development service HeiQ Fabric Lab

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HeiQ launches HeiQ Fabric Lab – a new service to assist brands with fabric innovation so they can turn their product concepts into reality

In today’s world, time is the new currency. Employees have valuable product ideas but limited time to turn them into reality, let alone the expertise in all the areas needed to create the best product possible. With HeiQ Fabric Lab, HeiQ takes a brand’s product idea and applies its expertise in fiber, yarn, fabric solutions, chemical technology as well as its knowledge and sourcing partners to develop the brand partner’s future functional fabric.

In addition to fabric development, HeiQ Fabric Lab also offers additional services such as fabric trend research, product marketing and materials education seminars for employees.

HeiQ Fabric Lab was developed to help brands across the board, from supplier selection to tackling technical challenges, as well as material testing and finalizing fabric agreements. “We are here to assist brands every step of the way until the perfect product has been developed”, says Regina Goller, Director of Fabric Management at HeiQ Materials AG. “With over 25 years of experience working inside and with major sports apparel brands, from concepts to final products, we are highly knowledgeable in functional materials from base layers to outerwear.”

HeiQ Fabric Lab offers multiple development options for brands to choose from. To learn more about the HeiQ Fabric Lab, contact fabriclab@heiq.com