HeiQ announces Joint Venture with Chem-Tex Laboratories

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HeiQ, a Swiss leader in the innovation of textile consumer goods, announced today a joint venture with Chem-Tex Laboratories, a major player in specialty chemicals for the carpet, textiles, paper and petroleum extraction industries based in Concord, N.C., United States. The joint venture will be a full manufacturing, distribution business as well as a joint innovation effort.

This joint venture between HeiQ and Chem-Tex enables both companies to expand their global presence, giving HeiQ critical access to local market knowledge across the Southeast United States to better serve and give technical support to their customers in the region. The companies find themselves complementary in strengths, with a shared long-term vision, consistent business principles and an equal commitment to sustainable development.

chemtexlogoFor HeiQ customers the joint venture brings into play a new source for products, with the advantage that they will be manufactured using proven technologies and delivered against familiar specifications. For Chem-Tex the benefits include gaining access to HeiQ’s world-leading technologies and to proven experience in marketing and branding innovation.

“We are excited to begin this joint venture with Chem-Tex, which will allow us to access the critical US distribution network and to better serve and support our customers in the Americas,” stated Carlo Centonze, CEO of HeiQ. “We look forward to bringing our focus on customer service, product development, and short cycle times, to a long-term partnership that will benefit our existing customers as well as allow us to serve new ones”, commented Mike Smith, CEO of Chem-Tex Laboratories.