HeiQ announces breakthrough in the development of transparent conductive coatings

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The new application of HeiQ ECOS coating using silver wires makes energy efficiency possible using photovoltaics, leading to indoor energy harvesting for sensors that need no batteries to operate, among other end uses.

HeiQ, a global leader in materials innovation focusing on making everyday products more comfortable, hygienic, protective, and sustainable, announces a breakthrough in the development of transparent conductive coatings. HeiQ ECOS is a patented technology using silver wires, which can be applied to virtually all substrates. 

Based on recent technological breakthroughs, HeiQ ECOS coatings are now fully transparent and strongly conductive. When applied to windows and other surfaces, the HeiQ ECOS coatings can be used to save heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer, by reflecting temperatures up to 85% both on transparent and opaque materials. HeiQ ECOS is also resource efficient, with just 10g of silver wires being enough for covering more than 200 m2 of surface area.  

Tom Ellefsen, Head of HeiQ’s Business Unit Coatings & Polymers, encourages interested parties to visit HeiQ’s booth at the European Coating Show in Nürnberg, March 28-30, where HeiQ will demonstrate various applications of the ECOS technology and provide technical details to visitors. 

A new field of application for HeiQ ECOS 

In a recent innovation project between HeiQ, Enerthing, and the University of Nuremberg (FAU, Friedrich-Alexander University) a new generation of HeiQ ECOS coatings was used as transparent electrodes in semi-transparent printed photovoltaic modules with excellent performance.   

In the printed solar modules, HeiQ ECOS was used as the top and bottom electrodes, which goes far beyond the state of the art. Enerthing is planning to implement the technology an indoor photovoltaic technology that even works with artificial light and acts as an energy source for sensors. 

Visit the HeiQ team at the European Coatings Show 2023 (March 28-30) in Nuremberg, Germany, to learn more: Booth 221 in Hall 3A