Functionalize your surfaces with smart transparent coatings

HeiQ ECOS® uses a patented silver wire technology that is transparent and has excellent electrical properties. Coatings based on HeiQ ECOS® allow surface resistances of a few ohms to several megohms per unit area.

The stable, viscous dispersion of silver wires can be diluted in any ratio with water and short-chain alcohols. The dispersion is suitable for the production of electrically conductive varnishes and paints.


  • Transparent (up to 98% light transmission)
  • Applicable through roll-to-roll printing, tampon or screen printing
  • Usable on flexible substrates
  • Thermoformable without loss in conductivity
  • Antistatic protection
  • Highly reflective of IR and Radar frequencies



Infrared shielding & radar shielding

Energy conservation

Low emission window films


Transparent heating applications

  • Transparent heating layers
  • Invisible wiring
  • Ideal conductor for transparent electrodes used in:
    – Touchscreens
    – LCDs & OLEDs
    – Printed photovoltaic devices
  • Anti-static discharge protection of electronic components
  • Create highly conductive fibers and textiles
  • Radar and IR camouflaging
HeiQ ECOS applications Electrical components
HeiQ ECOS applications Touchscreen


HeiQ ECOS® HC is available in research quantities (from 50 g), development quantities (from 500 g) and production quantities (from 5 kg).

  • Typ: Dispersion
  • Conc./%: 4,0±0,1
  • pH: 4-7
  • Aspect ration: ca. 1,000
  • Particle size: D90=30-50vm
  • Color: Silver grey

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In the market: HeiQ ECOS

One of HeiQ ECOS® many ingenious applications turned out to be car window heating. Compared to the current state of the art, which utilizes printed lines on the surface of the glass, HeiQ ECOS® is transparent.

The technology is easier to implement and results in a seamless final product. It’s especially useful when used on windshields and car windows as it offers immediate heating and fog dispersion without impairing visibility.

The automobile industry has taken note!