HeiQ acquires key regulatory asset Tarn-Pure

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HeiQ becomes the key supplier of regulatory-compliant elemental copper and silver for industrial hygiene applications after acquiring Tarn-Pure.

HeiQ Plc (XLON: HEIQ), a global force in materials innovation and hygiene technologies, announces that HeiQ Materials AG, Switzerland, a 100% subsidiary of HeiQ Plc, has signed an agreement to acquire all the shares of the UK intellectual property company Tarn-Pure Holdings Ltd (“Tarn-Pure”). Tarn-Pure holds critical EU and UK regulatory registrations to sell metallic copper and metallic silver for use in hygiene applications.

The COVID-19 pandemic created a boom in hygiene products, which HeiQ supported with its proprietary HeiQ Viroblock technology. Now that the pandemic is receding, the market has returned to its focus on sustainable hygiene products. To complement HeiQ’s existing offering of botanical antimicrobials and probiotic cleaners, HeiQ now also invests further in nature’s own ready-to-use hygiene materials: copper and silver.

Due to European Union regulatory changes phasing out several high-volume synthetic biocides, such as zinc pyrithione, silver nitrate, and silver chloride, the market expects strong growth in the use of the safe and effective antimicrobials copper and silver, which are used in coatings, plastics, textiles, and water purification. With the acquisition of Tarn-Pure, HeiQ positions itself as the key supplier of copper and silver to the wider hygiene industry.

HeiQ’s EVP Tom Ellefsen said: “The HeiQ Group already has Europe’s most sustainable offering of hygiene technologies featuring probiotic cleaners, botanical antimicrobials, and bio-based biocides. With the addition of Tarn-Pure’s intellectual property for metallic copper and metallic silver, HeiQ becomes the industry’s go-to supplier for sustainable hygiene technologies. We look forward to bringing all of these products to our customers in the New Year.”