PARTNER NEWS: Gold’s Gym SoCal becomes first US fitness to protect its gyms with HeiQ V-Block Ecosystem

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Content provided by PARTNER Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym announces to incorporate the HeiQ V-Block Ecosystem – an end-to-end system designed to maintain the long-lasting cleanliness in public spaces and business environments – into its facilities management routine amid increased demand for hygiene reassurance.

Gold’s Gym SoCal will be the first large US fitness to protect the environment of its gym locations with the HeiQ V-Block Surface Protection Ecosystem, featuring several market-leading technologies from HeiQ, including an EPA-registered antimicrobial surface protection solutions called HeiQ BacShield RTU.

In partnership with Escape Fitness, HeiQ and The Medical Supply Company of Switzerland (MSCS), the HeiQ V-block Ecosystem will be implemented in individual gyms, as they are scheduled to reopen across California in the coming months.

HeiQ Bacshield RTU (branded as HeiQ V-block RTU in some states) is a non-toxic, non-allergenic antimicrobial surface protection spray that forms a film that continues to confer antimicrobial protection long after it has been applied. It remains active and effective on surfaces for up to 90 days.

The HeiQ V-block Ecosystem endeavors to use advanced technologies to cover all frequently touched surfaces. It is delivered in three approaches:

  • By regular surface treatments applying HeiQ BacShield RTU (HeiQ V-block RTU), an EPA registered surface protection treatment, following a cleaning protocol with an N-list approved broad spectrum antiviral and antibacterial surface cleaning and disinfection
  • by providing staff with protective gear and portable HeiQ V-block spray for reapplication in between cleaning cycle schedules whenever necessary
  • by other innovative attributes including merchandising of HeiQ V-block branded merchandise in-store.

Gold’s is currently onboarded with the first two approaches and soon adding third. This breakthrough surface disinfection & protection Ecosystem provides enhanced security through tested and proven destruction of 99.99% of viruses & bacteria. Following the disinfection, when applied on surfaces, HeiQ BacShield forms an invisible, long-lasting surface protection that prevents contamination by microbes, hence reducing the need for too frequent disinfecting and thus can greatly reduce the use of harsh disinfectants. Additionally, staff and members will be provided with HeiQ branded personal protective gloves and masks, further reducing the chance of virus or bacteria retransmission.

“At Gold’s Gym, our goal is to keep our members moving and healthy. Over the past year, the perceptions of health clubs and gyms have gone from a positive place to a place of fear. We want to take that completely away, so we are implementing HeiQ V-Block Ecosystem to show to our members how clean and safe we are, giving them the confident to come back and get the best workout in the safest facility in the planet.” Says Angel Baños Jr., president and CEO of Gold’s Gym SoCal, “we are excited about applying this innovative solution and can’t wait to welcome our staff and valued members back into our gyms!”

“With our research network of 20 universities worldwide, HeiQ is here to add functionalities to all kinds of materials, be it materials used for clothing, papers, furniture or fitness equipment. Protecting surfaces and preserving their hygiene after cleaning is definitely something we should look at, even when the pandemic is over. We are glad to partner with Gold’s to implement the HeiQ V-block Ecosystem by applying our EPA listed surface protection solution into their premises,” says Carlo Centonze, co-founder and CEO of HeiQ Group.

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