Our Fight against sleep enemies

According to neuroscientist Matthew Walker in his acclaimed book Why We Sleep, “routinely sleeping less than six or seven hours a night demolishes your immune system, more than doubling your risk of cancer.”

Three of the most notorious enemies of sleep are heat, odor, and inanimate allergens.
HeiQ has developed technologies that help to fight them and promote better sleep quality for all.



To fall asleep, the body needs to cool down, and too much heat can make this process laborious.
Higher night-time temperatures can lead to shorter sleep.

Dual action cooling

The world’s first textile technology to deliver both instant contact cooling and continuous evaporative cooling for optimal well-being during sleep.


Unpleasant smells can build up on bed sheets and pillows, making it harder to enjoy a good night of sleep, thus reducing comfort and sleep quality.

Botanical odor control

A plant-based deodorizer that controls odor development on textiles, providing fabrics with a long-lasting odor control capability that keeps textiles smelling fresh for longer.

SLEEP ENEMY III: inanimate allergens

Beddings can expose users to allergens such as house dust mite matter and pet allergens, and can potentially disturb or lower the quality of sleep in some people.

Synbiotic protection

A 100% biobased, proprietary technology that reduces exposure to allergens such as house dust mite matter, and pet allergens with the help of active probiotics.


These effective ingredients are already being applied to final products by HeiQ’s partners, who are also helping to improve the nights of millions.

  • Trendsetter/John Lewis pillows, duvets, and mattress protectors (with HeiQ Cool & HeiQ Allergen Tech)
  • Trident Jiva Hypoallergenic bed linen (with HeiQ Allergen Tech)
  • Belfama shower towels (with HeiQ Mint)
  • Lameirinho bed linen/bed sheets (with HeiQ Allergen Tech)

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