Lycra® naturalFXTM

Durable wearing comfort

In Sync with nature’s rhythm


LYCRA® naturalFXTM technology, powered by HeiQ, enhances cotton knitwear, addressing critical consumer pain points, and improving the consumer’s overall wearing experience. This technology provides durable comfort stretch, fit, and soft hand-feel to 100% cotton knitwear compared to conventional finishes.

New consumer benefits

‘Mono-fiber’ approach makes assists recyclability whilst technology enhances durability.

Super-Soft Hand


Enhanced Wearing Comfort:
soft stretch

Improved washing durability

Long-lasting Fit and shape retention

Endorsed by certified, LYCRA® brand, performance

A woman enjoying the comfort fit provided by LYCRA® naturalFX™ technology powered by HeiQ

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Growing importance of natural fibers

Consumers like wearing cotton…

74% of consumers say cotton is their favorite fabric to wear. Fully 93% percent say better quality garments are made from natural fibers such as cotton.*

43% of consumers say fiber content is the most beneficial factor for determining how long an article of clothing will last.…and items made of 100% cotton are kept 1.5 years longer than items made with less or no cotton.**

*According to the 2021 Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ Survey
** According to the CCI and Cotton Incorporated 2020 Global Durability Survey

…but also look for comfort, fit and durability – ALL in ONE!

When shoppers deciding whether to buy an item of clothing, Comfort (87%) is ranked as the top purchase driver. That’s followed by Fit (84%), Overall quality (83%) and Durability (79%) according to the survey.*

Upgrade your 100% cotton knitwear’ wearing experience

How does it work?

Application process

This technology is engineered with smart self-bonding polymer delivering unique consumer benefits and replacing standard softeners.

It will be applied on fabrics during their dyeing and finishing stage using conventional processes.

All fabrics will be tested at The LYCRA Company, to assure consumer benefits such comfort, breathability, fit, shape retention, and low shrinkage are delivered.

Once approved, rights to use the branding on packaging will be granted and benefiting from the high global LYCRA ® brand awareness and strong endorsement.

Technology put to the test

LYCRA® naturalFXTM Technology applied on 100% cotton fabrics*, consistently delivers improved long lasting wearing comfort, fit, softness and shape retention to garments, both as received and after 25x washes.

An illustration of LYCRA® naturalFX™ technology softer cotton stretch for improved wearing comfort
An illustration of LYCRA® naturalFX™ technology shape retention for better cotton fit

Fabric: Interlock, 100% cotton, ring spun 40S, 220 gsm