HeiQ XReflex

Thinner, Lighter, Warmer

Radiant barrier technology

HeiQ XReflex is an innovative radiant barrier technology that reflects heat back to the body, maintaining the same level of warmth with as little as half the insulation material.

  • Thinner, lighter, warmer insulated textile products
  • Patented radiant barrier technology allows higher insulation efficiency
  • Less insulation, more sustainable
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Saves up to 50% insulation material for more packable garments
  • No impact on fabric breathability, handle, zero noise, DWR ad down-proof properties
  • Exceptional efficiency and durability (up to 20 washes)
  • The perfect solution for fashion and outdoor jackets, pants, skirts, gloves, sleeping bags, duvets and blankets
  • A result of joint development with our Australian based Joint Venture partner Xefco

The Extraordinary Jacket

We have joined forces with Nespresso and Mammut to create a unique garment in the outdoor industry. With the “Extraordinary Jacket”, Swiss design meets next-level textile technology, delivering unbeatable performance and sustainability.

Mammut’s super-light Ajungilak® insulation now incorporates the HeiQ XReflex technology powered by Xefco, which contains part of the aluminum from recycled Nespresso capsules. Thanks to the ingenious HeiQ XReflex 3D aluminized scrim layer, this jacket outperforms conventional insulation, reflecting body’s heat for effortless warmth. Available now on Mammut’s webshop and Nespresso Swiss webshop.

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HeiQ XReflex is…

…an ultra-thin heat reflective surface added to one side of the fabric by high-tech vapor deposition.

Up to 50% reduced bulk makes HeiQ XReflex the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, from outdoor and sports jackets, to pants and skirts, lifestyle jackets and coats, and sleeping bags.

HeiQ XReflex mitigates the body’s natural heat loss by utilizing a high-tech deposition process to apply ultra-thin, breathable radiant barrier surface coating coatings onto fabrics. These radiant barrier surfaces reflect radiant body heat, increasing heat retention to create thinner, lighter and warmer products.

Illustration of a high performance fabric enhanced with radiant barrier technology HeiQ XReflex

HeiQ XReflex assembly options


OEKO-TEX suited

Save up to 50% insulation & reduce your environmental footprint!

Advanced insulation system comprised of recycled materials that are also recyclable, helps save up to 50% insulation material for reduced environmental footprint.

Savings per 10’000 insulated jackets:

One average 80gsm insulated jacket contains 200g insulation material. When using two HeiQ XReflex fabric layers, you can reduce your carbon footprint for insulation material by up to 50%.

Trap more heat with less insulation materials

With 2 x HeiQ XReflex fabric, a 40gsm insulation jacket can be as warm as an 80gsm one

* Same average 40gsm PES insulation
** (%) warmer compared to fabric WITHOUT HeiQ XReflex

HeiQ XReflex is created through collaboration between HeiQ and Xefco, an Australian textile technology company that is a partner of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Deakin University

Ultra-thin reflective surface for unaffected breathability

Front face of fabric:

Back face of fabric:

The ultra-thin treatment on the yarn surface increases the thermal retention without altering air permeability of the fabric.

The unchanged fabric structure becomes visible by looking at the front face and the reflective back face of a woven fabric through a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

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