– HeiQ Pure TAG –
Antimicrobial odor control

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  • HeiQ Pure products effectively address body odors and bacterial derived odors on textiles
  • Exceptional antimicrobial efficiency and durability (guaranteed performance for the lifetime of the product)
  • Harnesses the natural properties of silver (Non-nano)
  • bluesign approved and OEKO-TEX suited
  • Improved comfort, hygiene and freshness
  • Preserve fabric properties such as breathability, hand feel, color and wicking
  • Suitable for all fiber types
  • Global registration profile, including especially US EPA, EU BPR, JP MITI, TK BPR, KR BPR but excluding PMRA CD
  • HeiQ Pure TAG is compliant and registered for use on treated articles (within HeiQ’s approved claims)

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HeiQ Pure product range


HeiQ Pure TAG


  • Best compatible non-ionic silver-based antimicrobial odor control agent
  • Non-nano silver
  • No foaming behavior
  • Low dosage required (0.5% – 1.5% w.o.f.) for high antimicrobial efficacy


  • Apparel, footwear, home fabrics
    (e.g. bed linen and towels)
  • For all fiber types
    (except wool, silk, viscose)
Illustration of a smell resistant fabric enhanced with anti odor textile technology HeiQ Pure
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Test methods

HeiQ offers the following antimicrobial test methods for your textiles.

Bacteriostatic methods:

  • HeiQ Yoghurt bac test (QC*)
  • ISO 20743 test (Staph. / Klebs.) (QA**)

Biocidal method:

  • AATCC 100 test (Staph. / Klebs.) (QA**)

* QC = Quality Control test method (at cost)
** QA = Quality Assurance test method (at cost if used for QC purpose)