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Sustainable odor control

HeiQ Fresh is a family of silver-free odor control textile technologies with ingredients that are either bio-based or mineral-based. HeiQ Fresh products tackle the real problem of smells on textiles effectively by adsorbing VOC (Volatile Organic Compound or the “smelly molecules”).

  • Silver-free
  • Durable freshness and odor control
  • Various products in the range target different end-use, addressing body odors, environmental odors and fabric odors, as well as the accumulated effects on synthetic fibers (“permastink”)
  • Bio-based FFL regenerate with every wash
  • Mineral-based HeiQ Fresh HAX ingredients permanently bind smelly molecules, ideal for durable non-wash items such as foot-wear, helmet and upholstery
  • No impact on fabric properties such as breathability, color, hand feel or wicking
  • Readily combinable with other HeiQ technologies
  • Wide-ranging applications: Clothing, Apparel, Footwear, Home textiles such as bed linen, mattress ticking, upholstery, curtains, blinds
  • OEKO-TEX suited and meets most brand RSL requirements

HeiQ Fresh is designed for a wide range of applications:


Home Fabrics


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Piece of apparel made of smell proof fabric enhanced with sustainable odor control technology HeiQ Fresh


HeiQ Fresh represents…


sustainable and highly effective odor control that uses mineral-based or bio-based VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) management textile technologies to neutralize odors!

HeiQ Fresh excels by delivering freshness across the board with its universal applicability for all fiber types, from cellulosics, synthetics and blends to luxury fibers such as silk and wool. All without the use of biocides!



What’s the problem?

Sweat odor needs five precursors to emerge. Warmth and moisture from the body and the surrounding and a hosting surface such as the fibers on our clothes provide a perfect home for the bacteria, which feed on the fat and protein from our sweat and emit odors during their metabolic activities. Is that the bacteria or the odor that is the problem? Let’s tackle the real problem: odors.​

Odor control product range

Over the years, the HeiQ Fresh product family has evolved to consist of products that perform not only odor control but also VOC management, addressing “permastink” problems.

HeiQ Fresh FFL

Ingredient: Bio-based Amino Sugar Polymer (ASP)
Target VOCs: Sweat odor (acidic smell)
Mechanism: ASP has opposite charge compared to body odor VOCs – VOCs bound to the fiber (chemisorption)

End use:
Washable articles such as apparel and home textile​
For all fiber types


HeiQ Fresh HAX

Ingredient: Modified zeolite particles
Target VOCs: Ammonia (e.g. pungent smell in shoes)
Mechanism: Porous surface of the zeolite particles bind the VOCs (physisorption)

End use:
Non-washable articles such as footwear, helmets, home textiles like upholstery

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Odor control test methods

HeiQ offers the following odor control test methods for your textiles:

Odor control methods:

  • HeiQ ASP Coloration test
  • Odor emission test (ISO 17299-2 modified / propionic acid)
  • HeiQ Marker Tech Coloration test
  • Deodorant efficacy test (ISO 17299-2 / ammonia)


Equipment used in HeiQ Fresh fabric odor control test methods

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HeiQ Fresh?

HeiQ Fresh is a textile treatment which durably prevents clothing from body odor, keeping you feeling and smelling fresh – whether your clothes are made of polyester, polyamide or cotton. This effective and long-lasting technology protects you all day long – for the lifetime of your garment.

Is HeiQ Fresh treated apparel machine washable?

Yes, HeiQ Fresh treated apparel is machine washable at 40 °C.

What would happen if billions of t-shirts were treated with HeiQ Fresh?

By staying fresh and comfortable for longer, all those wearers could potentially reduce their need for laundry by over 50 percent. If more people on earth wore clothes treated with HeiQ Fresh, we could save thousands of cubic meters of water, spare our environment from being burdened by tons of detergents and slash the amount of electricity consumed by all washing – in turn reducing carbon footprint.

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