HeiQ – Your Innovation Partner for Materials

HeiQ is a leader in material innovation creating some of the most effective, durable and high-performance material effects in the market today.

Textile Technologies

HeiQ offers a full range of functional textile technologies to provide hygiene, comfort protection and resource efficiency.

Coatings & Polymers

HeiQ offers a specialized selection of high-performance surface coatings and polymers.


HeiQ offers a wide range of goods enhanced with HeiQ’s patented probiotic technology for cosmetics, water treatment and cleaning products.

synbiotic cleaning

Finished Goods

HeiQ also offers innovative, functional consumer goods for personal care, healthcare and lifestyle.

Carlo Centonze, CEO & Co-founder of HeiQ, wins prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 Award!

On October 29, 2021, HeiQ CEO and Co-founder, Carlo Centonze won the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award. This is a testimony to the unstoppable nature and spirit of the man who established and drove the Swiss innovation leader for materials, HeiQ, to its current global renown.

Winner of Swiss Technology Award 2020

10 years after winning the Swiss Technology Award, HeiQ won it again in 2020. HeiQ is the only company to win this award twice.