FFP2/KN95 Respirator

with antiviral and antibacterial surface

FFP2/ KN95 respirator treated with HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 giving an extra antiviral and antibacterial mask protection. (Model No. HVB-FFP2-01)


The HeiQ Viroblock mask is a half-face mask, which means that it protects the chin, nose and mouth. The mask should be correctly adjusted to the face. (see instruction guide below).

This type of mask, unlike the surgical mouth mask, protects the wearer from inhaling infectious solid, liquid, or liquid and solid non-oily particles (such as dust, droplets, pollen, willow home, haze etc.) suspended in air under special operations or every-day conditions.

Surface treated with an antimicrobial technology HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 giving the mask extra resistance against viruses and bacteria.

Benefits and Characteristics

  • Traps and kills more than 99.99% of coronavirus (229E) and other enveloped viruses.
  • Traps and kills 99.99% of staphylococcus aureus and other gram positive and gram negative bacteria.
  • Kills 99.99% of candida albicans and other candida yeasts.
  • The HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 treatment provides broad spectrum germicidal action against pathogenic enveloped viruses, multi-resistant bacteria and infective yeasts
  • Resists microbial odor development
  • Is hypoallergenic, self-sanitizing and germ resistant surface
  • Is a Patent pending antiviral & antimicrobial technology
  • Antiviral and antibacterial treatment is protective for the lifetime of the mask
  • Antiviral and antibacterial treatment increases the protection of the mask by more than 30 times
  • Protects both the wearer and the environment

Usage instruction

These instructions must be followed each time the respirator is worn.

  • Before opening and touching the mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol/based hand sanitizer (>60% alcohol content).
  • Open the mask with both hands to the two sides, check to see it is complete and undamaged. If the mask appears to be damaged, please do not use.
  • Fit the mask on your face covering the mouth and nose. The straps should not be between the mask and your face.
  • Pull the straps across the crown of your head to surround your head. One strap should be above your ears, and the other one below. The straps must not be twisted.
  • Adjust the mask until it fits comfortably.
  • Using both hands, mould noseclip to the shape of the nose to ensure a close fit and good seal.
  • Check for a good adhesion between the mask and your face. Cover the mask with both hands, inhale and exhale strongly to check for possible air leakage from the mask edge. Adjust as necessary.


  • This product is for one-time use (max. 8 hours), masks should not be reused.
  • This product is not suitable for protection against harmful gases, steam and oily aerosols.
  • The product does not generate oxygen and is not suitable for use in explosive atmosphere, anoxic environments, underwater operations, during evacuation or fire fighting environments.
  • Do not use mask if you do not feel a good adhesion effect between the face and the mask edge.
  • If found during use that the mask is damaged or the breathing resistance is too large, replace with a new one.
  • If found during use that the mask is damaged, replace with a new one.
  • Leakage requirements are unlikely to be met if facial hair is under the sealing line on the face


This product should be disposed of after use in a closed container to prevent cross-contamination.

Storage method

Shelf life of the unopened product is three (3) years from date of manufacture when stored within temperature range of -25°C (-13°F) to +40°C (+104°F) and at less than 80% relative humidity. End of shelf life date is marked on the product packaging. Before initial use, always check that the product is within the stated shelf life. When storing or transporting this product use original packaging provided. Keep clean, cool and dry, avoid direct sunlight.

Report adverse events to the FDA


HeiQ Materials AG can make no warranties or representations, either expressed or implied, that these products will fully protect the user from exposure to blood or bodily fluids or risk of contracting infectious diseases. Evaluate the anticipated exposure to pathogens and contaminants and select the appropriate mask for the intended protection.

This information corresponds to the present state of our knowledge and is intended as a general description of our products and their possible applications. HeiQ Materials AG and its subsidiaries (“HeiQ”) makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the information’s accuracy, adequacy, sufficiency or freedom from defect and assumes no liability in connection with any use of this information. Any user of this product is responsible for determining the suitability of HeiQ’s products, whether used singly or in combination with other substances, for its particular application. * Nothing included in this information waives any of HeiQ’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale, which control unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. Any existing intellectual/industrial property rights must be observed. Due to possible changes in our products and applicable national and international regulations and laws, the status of our products could change. Material Safety Data Sheets providing safety precautions, that should be observed when handling or storing HeiQ products, are available upon request and are provided in compliance with applicable law. You should obtain and review the applicable Material Safety Data Sheet information before handling any of these products. The purchaser is responsible for complying with all applicable governmental laws, regulations and standards relating to the handling, use, storage, distribution, sales, disposal of, and exposure to these products. For additional information, please contact HeiQ. * For sales to customers located within the United States and Canada the following additionally applies: NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY IS MADE OF THE MERCHANTABILITY, SUITABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR OTHERWISE OF ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE.