Synbiotic hygiene and care for production animals

November 24, 2022

Bring nature into your barn! Learn about synbiotics, our patented combination of probiotics (good bacteria) and prebiotics (good sugars). Synbiotics empower animal care & hygiene products and result in naturally stronger, more productive animals in agriculture.

The excessive use of antibiotics and harsh disinfectants has led to a growing antibiotic resistance in livestock (AMR). How can we reverse this development? How can synbiotics be used to improve animal performance, well-being and reduce ammonia output? Our guest speakers present impressive examples of farms in Europe and North America.

Our speakers are specialists in their field: Dr. Robin Temmerman, PhD in microbiology & CEO of HeiQ Chrisal; Aled Rhys Davies, Director of Pruex; Kyla Baker, CEO of Choice Probiotics; Jeremy Baker, Owner of Choice Probiotics! Ask them detailed question during Q&A.

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    Synbiotic hygiene has proven its worth on farms in the UK, Canada, South Africa and Germany, and is slowly rolling out across the world.

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