Introducing HeiQ Allergen Tech – Synbiotic protection for home textiles

September 22, 2022
HeiQ Allergen Tech WEBINAR

Learn how textiles can help combat allergens at our webinar about HeiQ’s new pre & probiotics-based textile finishing technology HeiQ Allergen* Tech. The bedroom is home to many types of aero allergens such as pet allergens and house dust mite matter allergens, something the 40% of people with respiratory allergies have always tried to find a solution for!

Our two speakers are specialists in the textile and microbiology fields and will be happy to answer your questions during the Q&A part of our webinar: Dr. Robin Temmerman, CEO of HeiQ Chrisal & PhD in microbiology, and Philip Ghekiere, HeiQ Sustainability Officer & expert in home textiles.

(*Inanimate allergens only)

Watch the webinar