Probiotics. Latest water treatment innovation.

Learn how synbiotics (pre- & probiotics) act as highly effective and sustainable bio-filter in industrial and open water systems. Synbiotics are a game changer that helps prevent high maintenance cost caused by sludge and odor build-up.

We are joined by experts in the field of water treatment: Mauricio Costa Ladeira, COO of HeiQ BU Life Sciences, Dr. Kerstin Keppler, Head of Laboratory Microbiology at Wöllner, and Dr. Dominik Stumm, Head of R&D at Wöllner.

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We use the power of probiotics for the sustainable cleaning of industrial process and cooling systems. The action of our products is based on a combination of surfactants, enzymes, and probiotics.
Probiotics and enzymes break down organic dirt, separating the dirt from the substrate, bringing it into a dissolved or colloidal state and making it easier to physically remove. Our products support optimum system performance, in terms of surface cleaning, preventing deposit and odor build-up.

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HeiQ Synbio Aquatec for cooling towers