Probiotics. Latest microbiome skin care innovation.   

Watch the webinar to learn how active, probiotics-based microbiome skin care works! Synbiotics (pre- and probiotics) soothe, balance and strengthen the skin microbiome, key to enhanced skin appearance and well-being.

We are joined by experts in the field:

  • Dr. Robin Temmerman, PhD in Microbiology and Head of Life Sciences at HeiQ
  • Dr. Ze’evi Ma’or, Life Sciences Innovation Advisor at Ahava
  • Takako Kasai, Marketing Manager at Kai Corporation

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Designed in nature, perfected by science, HeiQ Synbio is the ultimate personal care ingredient for a balanced microbiome. A personal care regimen enriched with HeiQ Synbio helps maintain:

  • A well-balanced skin microbiome that soothes the skin
  • An optimized natural protective skin structure that helps increase the skin’s natural ability for visible self-repair

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HeiQ Synbio Care - Probiotics & synbiotics